Pizzagate Was Never Debunked


Pizzagate is real and yes there are other terms. #Pedogate and Satanic Ritual Abuse, SRA are other terms of the same thing. It is pedophilia in Washington D.C. with elite ties and also includes the world wide epidemic and cover-up of these rings and institutions. It involves human trafficking and other things that are just as shocking and hard to even discuss such as Satanism, sacrifice, murder, witchcraft and MK Ultra programming. Unfortunately the media and Hollywood are on a quest to keep it hidden from the public and they do not like being investigated or exposed. They are bullying everyone. Hopefully because I am a nobody and so small they will not try to stop me or threaten me like they do everyone else. In fact, I hope you pass this link or just the video. Spread the word so that there are so many little people who know what they are up to that they can’t stop it.
Please do your own investigation but do not believe the lie that #Pizzagate has been debunked and is just a conspiracy theory because it is very real. Pray for the victims that they will be released and they will be safe. The rape, torture and murder of children exist. We can expose it.