Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste




Syria Strikes were CFR Globalist Influenced

While many Trump supporters were very happy about the Syrian Strikes 2 days ago, many were not. It was propagated and followed by some very strong propaganda. The strike was wrong! I am just going to come out and say it. There is a lot of information and videos and articles to back up what I am saying. A large portion of the USA understands and sees this as a very big propaganda deception.  FOX news is going all the way to defend President Trump on his decision to strike Syria with 59 Tomahawk Missiles from a US Naval ship positioned in the Mediterranean Sea. It is unfortunate to see that sliver of media go to waste in a moment. Judge Jeannie Pirrot just called Ann Coulter and Nigel Farage “Nationalists” as if that were a bad thing. FOX is out with the rest of the fake news MSM to call truthers as “Conspiracy Theorists” and “Trump Haters” and whatever new things they come up with. I’ve even heard people call us “white supremacists”.

Things are getting tough and ugly and we may be looking at the beginning of World War III and no I am not fear mongering. I don’t know if it is because I look at so many articles and videos and headlines every day that I can see this is nothing but a globalist plot to bring us into another war.

Posting as much information as I can so it can be as clear and documented as I can. Please forward this to someone and wake them us so they don’t have to cheer with Neo-Cons and globalists. He was not showing strength. The president made an enormous mistake and the consequences are heavy. He was deceived himself or purposely mislead the country and I am trying to keep an open mind about it and not give up on being a Trump supporter.




#Pizzagate Is Going To Be Used As A Trap For Alternative News


Posting a lot of videos so I will make this short, bold and to the point. If you are a blogger or have a website or do Youtube videos…I thank you. You have changed lives and history. But I want you to take down the Comet Pizza connections right away. Focus on the Wikileaks Podesta emails and documentaries and pedophiles that have already been arrested and only what is extremely tangible. Leave James Alefantis and Marina Abramovic completely alone. Don’t focus on individual people or bother them or anything. The mainstream media is pushing a false narrative of what is being said. There are shills and trolls and plants just waiting to blame you and this is how it will probably happen. Comet Ping Pong or the whole block will catch on fire destroying ALL EVIDENCE and making a way for them to go into hiding, collect the insurance money and make their business more private. Alternative media will be blamed and the government will be quick to say that these “alt right winged” “White Supremacist” “fake news” “conspiracy theorists” have done this and we need to make new laws concerning the internet taking away your freedoms and introduce heavy censorship to protect  so-called “innocent” people and their businesses.  One of them could be shot or they could look like a suicide…. this is another scenario…the end result being the same. I ask you to re-do your videos and be very careful of what you say and encourage others to do the same. This pedophile exposé is large and there are White House politicians, staffers and VIP elite connections involved. They will do anything to keep this quiet. Some of us are going to be attacked, threatened, or disappear or even die over this. No one knows if Julian Assange is alive. Expect the worst from these people. Stay away from these Satanic pedophile characters and protect yourselves and your family.

#Pizzagate is not a psyop, conspiracy theory or fake news. Yes, these #pizzagate people are disgusting monsters who will end up in in a most hot, fiery, suffering hell when their time is up in old age. Yes, there are children being abused, killed and sodomized and raped.  Perhaps this scandal will halt this pedophile ring for now as they figure out what to do in the panic they are in. Pray for the kids. I KNOW that prayer works. Don’t give up on the children.

Don’t give these monsters a chance to blame you. Be smart and careful.

Matthew 10:16   Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.


The CrowHouse AUDIO PODCAST – Pizzagate – The Psyop Aspects – Watch The Misdirection – American Voice Radio – 12/02/16

Pastor Lawson mentioned Pizzagate this morning at the pulpit. If your pastor does not talk about the NWO or Pizzagate or any of these current events, he is not doing his job and is ignorant and keeping you in ignorance too.