Syria Strikes were CFR Globalist Influenced

While many Trump supporters were very happy about the Syrian Strikes 2 days ago, many were not. It was propagated and followed by some very strong propaganda. The strike was wrong! I am just going to come out and say it. There is a lot of information and videos and articles to back up what I am saying. A large portion of the USA understands and sees this as a very big propaganda deception.  FOX news is going all the way to defend President Trump on his decision to strike Syria with 59 Tomahawk Missiles from a US Naval ship positioned in the Mediterranean Sea. It is unfortunate to see that sliver of media go to waste in a moment. Judge Jeannie Pirrot just called Ann Coulter and Nigel Farage “Nationalists” as if that were a bad thing. FOX is out with the rest of the fake news MSM to call truthers as “Conspiracy Theorists” and “Trump Haters” and whatever new things they come up with. I’ve even heard people call us “white supremacists”.

Things are getting tough and ugly and we may be looking at the beginning of World War III and no I am not fear mongering. I don’t know if it is because I look at so many articles and videos and headlines every day that I can see this is nothing but a globalist plot to bring us into another war.

Posting as much information as I can so it can be as clear and documented as I can. Please forward this to someone and wake them us so they don’t have to cheer with Neo-Cons and globalists. He was not showing strength. The president made an enormous mistake and the consequences are heavy. He was deceived himself or purposely mislead the country and I am trying to keep an open mind about it and not give up on being a Trump supporter.





Fake MSM Media Is Instigating Triggered Left to Riot


I listen to the radio in the car here in Los Angeles. Over and over again the keep saying “President Trump’s Muslim Ban” is doing this and people are protesting and the crime is up. They are making it an all out war here in California. If it is like this here, it is like this in all the liberal big cities. They think that being loud and demanding people from these countries is beneficial and multicultural but they are very one sided. If you don’t want these countries banned, work in those countries to restore peace and democracy if you are one of their citizens. Protest there not here. If you are not a citizen you are not to have the same rights or think you can demand them by rioting. The way the left riots is with cursing, violence and littering so I hope it doesn’t go there like the women’s march. And all you p-hat wearing SJWs are really showing how brainwashed and crazy the left has made you. Everyone thinks you are mentally unstable psycho feminists. The comparison to the Women’s march on the 21st and the Pro-Life march on the 27th of this month shows the stark differences in how the left and right handle a protest and the left is very disturbing to say the least. See for yourselves.

Patriots, listen up… it is psychological warfare. It is a huge deception of the dying media which is filled with liberals trying to instigate these really triggered SJWs and Illegal immigrants that make up much of California. Don’t give up now and fold up and go back to the mess we came from. The whiney Hebrews in Egypt looked back to how it was and they did not look forward to what God was about to give them. Don’t look back. President Trump is doing as he said he was in the campaign and this is why he was elected. Don’t worry about the whiney liberals. They are going to fight tooth and nail to get their way. You will defeat everything they say and do if you don’t give up. Be strong Americans. Don’t be like the snowflakes and the disgusting feminist Nazis that want to take over the land. They are Sodom in every way. Their day will come soon enough but while Christians are still here, you have a purpose to be strong and to tell people the gospel and be the light of the world. Don’t say anything to the illegals or anything. You are being watched. You are being recorded. Make sure you are exemplary citizens!

It is not a Muslim ban. This is a ban of people coming from terrorist harboring, funding and training countries. Islam so happens to be the religion of MOST OF THE WORLD’S TERRORISM. Look what they are doing in Europe. The left are so far brainwashed that they actually want to welcome more Islamic refugees who are mainly male, are setting up no go zones, aim to establish Sharia, hate America, do not want to be assimilated to the countries they are going to and are committing a lot of rape and crime. The media is not reporting this news. It even exists in the USA. I report about this daily and I can’t even keep up with the numerous reports. I just post up some but hopefully you are seeing the picture! Islam is not peaceful. Love the people but you don’t know who hates you and is plotting against you. As Americans, we have the right to protect our country and family and way of life. They don’t want you to be patriotic. They are teaching children and college student and the brainwashed followers of CNN that they must hate themselves, the white race, patriotism, heterosexuality, motherhood and anything good. They distort, attack and hate anything good. Satan CORRUPTS DEFILES and DECEIVES. It is spiritual and psychological warfare. You need to be strong.  Ask the Lord in prayer for strength and wisdom as we go through these demonic times. We ARE in end times. If you don’t get that yet, you are going to be deceived.

Don’t depend on President Trump for everything. It is God working in him like He works though all Christians. It is the same Spirit. Worship God. Put your faith and trust in God. President Trump is just a man. Pray for him because he has the toughest job and you can see he is putting everything on the line, on the table and really working hard as if he only had days to live and maybe he does. He is in danger. I am not joking when I say there are people who want to kill him. From the inside, from the left, from Satan, from people he knows and people he doesn’t know and don’t tell me people are not controlled by MK Ultra psychological programming. It’s real. The only people who say it isn’t won’t look into the matter.

If you have been reading my Reddit and Twitter post its, I noticed another fake news story from CNN! It’s not a joke or an exaggeration when I say CNN is fake news. I am thinking it is because they are no longer in the journalistic business and they depend on other news sources to do their work and hire fact checkers who are liberals who refuse to look into things closer. The independent journalism that has not been censored yet is the real news. Please make sure your top sources of news are NOT mainstream media. They are reporting false reports mixed with real reports and they will not report on world news. They want you to stay dumbed down and they want you to protest Trump and hate Christians because we are not “progressive” and “destroying the environment” and are “bigoted haters” because we won’t accept homosexuality as normal and good and “equal” to the traditional family. They keep saying slavery is OK in the bible and we want slavery and to kill witches…. all this crazy nonsense.

What is really disturbing to me is that the journalists on FOX are not able to defend their positions completely. Why won’t they mention the time that Obama said it was OK for illegals to vote? Why aren’t they talking about the Muslim burial we had for Osama Bin Laden so we couldn’t see him? Why aren’t they talking about the rude Muslim prayer that some Muslim cleric did over Seal Team 6 or the many times Obama talked about Islam and being friendly to Muslims with Terrorist ties. Just before he left the White House he gave over 200 million dollars to the Palestinians who don’t need it. They use it to buy rockets to attack Israel. They have shopping malls there. They don’t need anything. The Red Cross left years ago. Their country is run by the terrorist group Hamas. They vowed to remove all the Jews. They hate the Jews and won’t even say that is Israel. They are PROPAGANDA. The bloody boy in Aleppo was used as a photo prop as they took pictures and didn’t even bother to help him and I still don’t know if he was in pain or real because he wasn’t crying but instead wiped the red stuff on a chair as if it were dirt.  It is questionable and don’t get me started with false flags.

So I just hope you will be strong and pray to God for all that we are going through. Say nothing to the illegals. We want them to leave on their own. Research and see the news from independent news sources. Don’t buy into this “humanitarian values and we will be safer if we take in refugees and illegals”. Islam is a violent, oppressive and invasive religion. Islam aims to make America Islamic. Don’t buy into their lies. This wall is going to help stop human and drug trafficking. Obama already gave the Pentagon 30 days to make a plan to get rid of ISIS. I know everything is going incredible fast and you have no time to even get used to everything that is happening. Pray and watch. Be strong.





Update 1/29/16

I also want to make it known that I do not think all Muslims are terrorists. There are good, law abiding Muslims in the USA. Same with Catholics and other religions. There are some good honest people who are in false religions. They are not “good” according to God’s standards but as far as democratic peace and patriotism and lawful goes, there are people in every religion who are good citizens. These are the people we welcome in the USA as people and citizens to come from different nations.  It is not a “Muslim Ban”. The USA welcomes people from different races, nationalities and religions to come and live here in the USA. If you are supporting terrorism and funding them, being trained and influenced to think Sharia is better than the Constitution or that jihad is a good thing…. then look for another country to go to.


What to Expect When You’re Expecting The End of the World: NWO/Alien Deception/Mark of the Beast

by Justin Tucci

Please keep an open mind no matter how crazy this sounds. This will serve as a companion piece for those who have ventured down the rabbit hole of my message and are seeing the truth;  Seeking further knowledge of what is to come. Facebook only let me send about 150 messages before it was seen as spam. Hopefully others can use this information.

Let’s start with Aliens:

alien grey

our classic Grey. Very Iconic. Seen everywhere



 The  concept of extraterrestrial entities has saturated our culture and society for decades.  The picture on the left is what pops into most of our heads when we think of Aliens:


                                           crowley                                     Now let me introduce you to this man on the right side:

Aliester Crowley

Notice the emblem on his head? It’s the same one on US dollar bill.

But let’s get into that later.


This man was a Satanist. He did some pretty terrible things to children and animals that you can find out for yourself. He also wanted to serve Satan.  Not a nice guy.

         This man can be seen on the cover of Sgt. Pepper’s by the Beatles here:

sgt pepper

An album cover featuring their quote: “Heros and Idols”.  Mr. Crowley had a certain catchphrase that he wanted people to follow.

It was “Do What Thou Wilt”.

Here you can see Jay Z wearing a sweatshirt with this phrase on it:

The guitarist Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin also owned Aliester’s Boleskine house back in the 70s. Wiki it to learn more.  He was also openly into occultism (black magic; essentially satanism)

Odd no? Why would the Beatles, Jay Z and Led Zeppelin want to endorse or associate with this paedophilic murdering Satanist on any level?

If you’re reading this I think you can figure it out for yourself. It’s not too hard to connect the dots if you can accept the bigger picture.

 Let’s move on.

Aliester was into what people call “demonic channeling”. He wrote a book by opening himself up to a demonic entity that called itself Lam. It wrote through him and put its instructions through Aliester’s body into physical writing.

The finished work was called The Book of Law.

Many musicians into the occult write music this way. Jimmy page, (who owned Crowley’s house!), opened himself up to this sort of auto-writing as well.

Quote: “When we first got back together, it was so immediately apparent that the two of us were just channeling the music. That’s what we had always had, and it was so apparent that it was there. It was almost effortless.”– From a 1998 magazine article about the Band’s reunion.

On writing Zepplin’s most famous song Stairway to Heaven: “If something really magical is coming through, then you follow it….We tried to take advantage of everything that was being offered to us.” -2002 Guitar World Magazine interview

Other artists like Santana and Jay Z have discussed this channelling activity in making music themselves among countless others.                      

  This is not the focus of this message though.  

    It is only to prove what I’ve written to be reality.

          Now back to “Aliens”.

Aliester Crowley while writing the Book of Law actually saw what the demon he was in contact with looked like. It manifested itself to him in a vision and he drew what he saw immediately afterwards.

 This is the picture he drew:

crowley drawng           alien grey

                   Now let’s compare it with the Gray “alien” from the beginning:  


 Do you get it now?  “Aliens” are DEMONS.


This image of a big-headed/small bodied being is also depicted in the ancient Egyptian deity worship of Ankh represented here as a cross type symbol and fertility idol. I’ll address this again when examining the US dollar bill symbolism.

This type of being has been around for centuries most notably in Egyptian hieroglyphs and art:

Okay, now that we’ve established this we need to ask ourselves: Why? Who gains from this deception? Well whether or not you believe in God the answer is Satan. He has been deceiving people since the beginning. The concept of “aliens” is part of a bigger lie. Much bigger.

Let’s look at this video about former president Ronald Regan:

In the video he discusses several times about how an “Alien Attack” would unite humanity as one to combat the threat. Interesting…

Bill Clinton Saying the same thing a couple of years ago:

He also adds:”If we were visited one day I wouldn’t be surprised”

Obama discussing “Aliens”:

He says: ”(The aliens) exercise strict control over us”  in a psudeo-joking manner.  Obama also subtly says that he is instructed to lie about the truth.

So what do these politicians know what we don’t?

Let’s look at this speech from George Bush Sr:

This New World Order is also hinted at on the back of the US dollar bill:

NWO dollar pyramid

“Novus Ordo Seclorum” Means New Order of the Ages

Notice the pyramid symbol with the eye at the top? This was also the symbol Aliester Crowley was wearing in the second photo on his hat. It represents ancient Egyptian Occultism. The Eye of Horus.

Ancient Egyptians worshiped demons.  We can infer based on the idol Ankh baring a striking resemblance to our modern day “aliens” and Crowley’s drawing. I have also done much research to confirm this but for the sake of brevity I will only touch on this one example.  Crowley knew this truth and adopted the symbolism into his own form of worship and rituals.

The Egyptian symbolism has made its way onto the US currency to blatantly proclaim the plans these entities have for our future and to mock the ignorance of those unaware of this signature.

This dollar bill’s seal was created in 1957 but these beings behind this have been working and implementing this plan incrementally for centuries. Their main base of operations is the US but their tentacles stretch all over the world.

Obama said that the “aliens” have strict control over him.

What he is referring to here is that the US govt is in contact with demons working us towards this New World Order.

This is an outrageous claim of course but several top ex-military officials have come out anonymously to confirm this. Basically the supposed deal between us was advanced technology in exchange for human “specimens”. I won’t delve into detail but it’s not pretty. Considering we went from horse-drawn carriages to jet-planes and space travel in less than 70 years I think it’s definitely a theory that holds some water.

Coupled with the occult symbology on the back of the US dollar bill we can come to the conclusion that there are at least some very powerful and dark forces behind the scenes of our society planning this plot against us.

So who is behind the NWO?

Top politicians, government officials, law enforcement, mainstream media, and a conglomerate of numerous organizations all working towards the same vision. Ultimately it is in their co-operation with demonic entities that they receive instruction as to carrying out multi-layered plans to achieve their goals. This plot is to globalize the political, social and economic systems of the world into ultimately a one world government and religion.

    Another pawn in this cosmic chess match against God is the Vatican/Pope.

The Vatican has a telescope looking for extraterrestrial life called L.U.C.I.F.E.R

You can’t make this stuff up.

Also Pope Francis recently said he’d baptize “aliens” if they came to earth:

“Who are we to discriminate?” He said

The Catholic Church is a part of this plan and will deceive countless Christians into believing in this deception. Many shall fall away from God. It will be their destruction.

The numerous Alien based movies the TV shows such as the X Files push this agenda feverishly. Don’t buy into the lie.

I don’t know exactly when this will occur, but these Demons will reveal themselves to humanity as probably ancient beings that created humans through DNA manipulation thousands of years ago and have chosen to reveal themselves to bring us into an era of love, harmony, and prosperity uniting us to bring global peace.

  Don’t believe it?

Movies like Prometheus and the TV show Ancient Aliens spin this narrative:

Ancient Aliens Movie

This subconsciously conditions people to believe the lie

Prometheus god

The “Alien” creator of humanity in the film Prometheus


In the final aspect of this NWO agenda I will discuss is the Mark of the Beast.

The Bible predicts in Revelation:

Revelation 13:16-17 King James Version:

“16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.


Similar technology already exists in the form of an RFID chip:



It may not be exactly like this chip

But the mark will have to be taken in order to buy and sell

This current technology is used for exactly that to replace a credit card and can be scanned

Taking the mark will send you straight to hell.

This mark may even alter your DNA in some way

                                                          To conclude…

   Sharing this information goes beyond my own ego. I don’t care what people think of me after posting this. I hope I can at least save one person from the coming deception.

The end is not near. The end is here. Waiting behind your door like a thief in the night under the cover of darkness to shroud the horrors he brings with him.

But evil is defeated. It has been since the start of creation. Turn to God.

Accept Jesus Christ into your heart. Repent of your sins by praying Psalm 51 and express your regret for the evil you’ve done. This is your only path to salvation.

Depend on God alone. Pray to him daily and ask for protection. Do not rely on the world. Remember He is all-powerful and in control. I must stress the importance of not seeking the world for help. Read the Bible  and start with the New Testament to learn about Jesus with what he’s done for all of us.

Share this with your family and friends. Print it for the future. God bless you all.

All of these things shall come to pass

Each soul has an eternal destiny. The choice is yours where you want to spend it.