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Just came across something interesting that maybe you have heard but I haven’t until today while looking at a Maxine Waters biography. Gary Webb

How Crack Funded a CIA War: Gary Webb Interview on the Contras and Ronald Reagan (1996) [26 min]


Requiem for the Suicided: Gary Webb [37 min]



Gary Webb: The CIA, the Contras, and Crack Cocaine (1999) [58 min]



#The True Story Of Gary Webb Drug Kings 5 [48 min]



Kill The Messenger: Mike Levine & Gary Webb – The Big White Lie + Dark Alliance= CIA drug cartel [40 min]



The Mena Case (Drug Kings 1) [55 min]



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More Movies:
History of Political Correctness – Deliberate Weapon Used By Marxist To Destroy Western Culture [22 min]
One Dozen Candles – John Birch Society (early 1980s?) [15 min]
The Unauthorized Biography of David Rockefeller (Corbett Report) [1 hr]
The Good Shepherd (2006) – Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie, Robert De Niro [3 hours 19 min]
#PizzaGate / #PedoGate – The UnAnswered Questions Documentary – Part 1 [2 hrs 3 min]
Sally Fields ‘Not Without My Daughter’ [2 hrs 11 min]
#PizzaGate / #PedoGate – The UnAnswered Questions Documentary – Part 1 [2 hrs 3 min]
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzT1l7B_ZKE)Sally Fields ‘Not Without My Daughter’ [2 hrs 11 min]
Hitler’s deal with the Leader of the Palestinians- The Grand Mufti [45 Min]
The Hunt For Hitler (6 parts, The history Channel) [about 1 hr]
Hitler and Eva Braun fled Berlin and died (divorced) of old age in Argentina [6 min]
Pamela Geller: ‘Hitler Inspired by Islam’ [9 min]
CHURCHILL: 1 of 4 ~ Renegade and Turncoat [1 hr]
John DeCamp – The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism & Murder in Nebraska [1 hr]
The Franklin Cover Up & Johnny Gosch Story [41 min]
The Johnny Gosch Case Part 1/2 [23 min]
The Johnny Gosch Case Part 2/2 [14 min]
Nancy Grace Johnny Gosch Part 1.mpg [15 min]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LW_kmZPAspA [15 min]
Nancy Grace Johnny Gosch Part 2 [15 min]
The Illuminati – Part 4 – Project Monarch, Johnny Gosche & White House Prostitution [8 min]
FAKE NEWS: How the Mainstream Media Undermines Democracy [30 min]
15 Years Old Girl Survive Satanic Ritual Rapes and Sacrifices [38 min]
Pedo-Satanist Alfred Kinsey Behind Sexual Revolution & LGBTQ (UN & Rockefeller Foundation) [2 hrs 44 min]
pizzagate – FBI – child abuse – pedophilia – Jimmy Savile and the 9th Circle Mind blowing [47 min]
SEAL TEAM SIX – Extortion 17 EXPOSED – Obama Failures [3 hrs 10 min]
#PizzaGate the Documentary, Pedophilia involving Podesta Emails, Clinton, Obama, David Brock, DNC [1 hr 46 min]
#PizzaGate Has Happened Before [56 min]
Do you know Neighbors Living Next door? [Silent Islamic Jihad Recruitment In The West] [47 min]
John Pilger Exposes Fake News Reported By Mainstream Media That Causes Death And Destruction [1 hr 37 min]
Gary Arnold Presentation About Secret Societies and Globalist Plan to Use ‘Color Revolutions’ to Destabilize, and Reshape Sovereign Nations Into a One World Government [2 hrs 13 min]
Ted Gunderson The Prophecy Club 1997 (1 of 2) [1 hr 34 min]
Ted Gunderson The Prophecy Club 1997 (2 of 2) [1 hr 59 min]
Ted Gunderson FBI Whistleblower Killed By The Illuminati [24 min]
Ted Gunderson – The Conspiracy Reality [2 hrs 5 min]
Ted Gunderson Killed for exposing Chemtrails [17 min]
Ted Gunderson – Former FBI Chief Exposes ‘Illuminati’ (Graphic Content) [1hr 14 min]
NCF: Satanism & The CIA -Ted Gunderson (full movie) [2 hrs 16 min]
Ted Gunderson, Former FBI Chief vs. Illuminati : The Last Threat of Terrorism [1 hr 24 min]
Brice Taylor & Ted Gunderson : MKULTRA Mind Control Revealed – The True Story [2 hrs 2 min]
NASA & Space X Vector Symbol And The Satanic Occult Of Aleister Crowley [8 min]
The Occult Of Many Things And The Coming New World Order – Full Presentation [1 hr 11 min]
The Conquerors – Episode 3: Andrew Jackson – Conqueror of Florida (History Documentary) [45 min]
Andrew Jackson – Good Evil & The Presidency – PBS Documentary [1 hr 55 min]
Andrew Jackson the Napoleon of America [1 hr 43 min]
Occult Forces(1943) [1 hr 6 min]
The Truth About The Bible And Freemason Controlled Churches  [11 min]
Freemasons in the Church [6 min]
Freemasons in the Church [24 min]
Children of the Plains – 20/20 ABC Diane Sawyer [41 min](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GACcBe9Be58)
Lakota Woman (1994) [1 hr 55 min]
Red Cry (Doc.) – Today’s Genocide in America [1 hr 52 min]
Russell Means: Welcome to the American Reservation Prison Camp (Full Length) [1 hr 36 min]
‘We Live to Survive’: One Week with Lakota (Part 1) [26 min]
‘We Live to Survive’: One Week with Lakota (Part 2) [25 min]
DAKOTA 38 – Full Movie in HD [1 hr 18 min]
Devil Possession, Mental Illness, and Bad Behavior (Part 1) [1 hr 22 min]
Devil Possession, Mental Illness, and Bad Behavior (Part 2) [1 hr 16 min]
Devil Possession, Mental Illness, and Bad Behavior (Part 3) [1 hr 10 min]
Is Schizophrenia Demonic? [25 min]
Dateline 48 Hours Mystery Scientology 2016 NEW [43 min]
Titanic Sinking – Rothschild and Rockefeller Conspiracy [1 hr 39 min]
Was the Titanic deliberately sunk by JP Morgan? [47  min]
Julian Assange on Bradley Manning and Political Payback [13 min]
‘Military authorities are afraid of Chelsea Manning’ – John Kiriakou on use of solitary confinement [7 min]
The Forgotten Man [43 min]
NAFTA and Lobbying: How It Hurts America – Free Trade Markets, Economics (1993) [1 hr 1 min]
North American Union: A Step Toward World Government [23 min]
MK Ultra : CIA mind control program in Canada (1980) – the fifth estate [21 min]
Netflix Stranger Things Documents MK Ultra Mind Control [9 min]
Real Demon Manifests In Lady Gaga – Perfect Illusion : Illuminati Exposed [13 min]
Operation Mockingbird Exposed: Congressional Hearing Proves The CIA Controls Mainstream Media!!! [13 min]
Operation Mockingbird…media exposed must watch! [15 min]
Operation Mockingbird: The CIA and the Media [1 hr]
New Propaganda Bill Resurrects CIA’s ‘Operation Mockingbird’ [6 min]
Bill Clinton’s Circle of Power (Documentary) [49 min]
Bill Clinton: FBI and CIA Black-Ops Drug Operation in Mena Arkansas (Full Documentary) [2 hrs 21 min]
The Bill and Hillary Clinton Complete Body Count (Full Documentary) [1 hr 51 min]
Bill and Hillary Clinton Chronicles (Full Documentary) [1 hr 41 min]
Bill Clinton Exposed: Uncovering Clinton Whistleblower’s Story (Full Length) [1 hr 11 min]
Clinton Body Count- Vince Foster [24 min]
The Death of Vince Foster and Media Cover-Up Documentary [2 hrs 17 min]
The Death of Vince Foster and the FBI Cover-Up Documentary [56 min]
Aircraft Crash Investigation of JFK Jr – National Geographic [35 min]
The Assassination of JFK Jr [1 hr 47 min]
JFK Jr Told The World Who Murdered His Father [9 min]
Was JFK Jr Murdered So That Hillary Could Win NY Senate Seat? [6 min]
The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History – CSPAN Interview with Chris Kyle [1 hr 2 min]
Who Really Killed Chris Kyle? [5 min]
American Sniper Exposed As A Hoax [12 min]
American Sniper: The Jesuit Papal Crusades & The Dishonor of Chris Kyle’s Memory?? Part 1 [1 hr 2 min]
American Sniper Movie: The Jesuit Papal Crusade Wars & the Dishonor of Chris Kyle’s Memory Part 2 [1 hr 7 min]
The Occult World Peace Plan – United Nations – Lucius Trust [2 hrs 17 min]
Astana (Santana)- The Capital Of The New World Order [23 min]
FLOW – For Love Of Water (Documentary on Water) [1 hr 23 min]
Exposing Faith Healers – Diane Sawyer [43 min]
Clinton Cash – Full Documentary [1 hr 5 min]
Buddhism Exposed: Secret Ties to Demons, Dragons & Mystery Babylon [24 min]
The Gay Agenda – Even At The Doors Documentary [1 hr 56 min]
“More Deadly Than War – The Communist Revolution”  (G Edward Griffin) [1 hr 15 min]
Dallas, What They Are Not Telling You – John Birch Society [9 min]
Dallas, What They Are Not Telling You. Part 2 [10 min]
Civil Rights and Communism [9 min]
Charlie E. Smith: Civil Rights Movement a Fraud 1970 Audio Presentation [1 hr 21 min]
Documentary on the Hysteria of the ‘War of the Worlds’ Broadcast in 1938 [54 min]
A History of False Flag Events – Order Out of Chaos [50 min]
Confessions of a Nazi Youth – HBO [30 min]
The Ignorance of Progressive American Voters [30 min]
(Black Lives Matter Sheeple Protest in Oakland, CA 7-7-16 [6 min]
Dallas Shooting Conspiracy [11 min]
Megyn Kelly Interviews BLM Organizer, Jeff Hood [4 min]
Blurred Lines Pulse Sermon by Rev Jeff Hood June 4, 2016 [21 min]
12:01 (1993) CERN: Life Emulates Art [12 min]
12:01 (1993) Full Movie [1 hr 34 min]
12:01 (1993) Commentary – Codes Unlocked [1 hr 17 min]
Two Kingdoms Emergency Update [1 hr 7 min]
Sister Charlottes Testamony of Her Experience as a Nun in Italy (very sad and graphic audio) [1 hr 35 min]
Vatican Secret Societies and the New World Order (Full Documentary) [2 hrs 55 min]
Catholic Abuse Victim Tells Her Story (From the film Secrets of the Vatican) [3 min]
Vatican Secrets and Book Archives 2015 Documentary [1 hr 26 min]
Hollywood’s War On God [2 hrs 33 min]
How the Gay Agenda Began – Full Documentary [2 hrs 45 min]
Demons of Sexual Perversion – Truth Shock TV [1 hr 18 min]
Satanic Gay Illuminati Agenda 2015 [1 hr 46 min]
LGBT’s Vile Attack On Families [13 min]
The Secret of Nikola Tesla (HD Movie) [1 hr 38 min]
Free Energy of Tesla Film (Dubbed into English) [53 min]
Freemasonry and Satanism, book review 51, Lightening In His Hand, Nikola Tesla [1 hr 51 min]
Tesla = Cern Documentary [51 min]
Free Energy – From Suppression to Manifestation? –  Mark Passio @ Tesla Memorial Conference 11/1/14 [35 min]
Nikola Tesla – The Forgotten Wizard [10 min]
William Lyne – Nazi Occult Elite Bloodline and Tesla Free Energy, Anti-Gravity and Secret Government UFOs [3 hrs]
Tesla Time Travel Technology [41 min]
William R. Lyne – Occult Science Dictatorship [1 hr 58 min]
The Prestige – Film, Literature and the New World Order [42 min]
Orson Welles and H.G. Wells – These videos and more on the Orwell, Welles and Wells Playlist
The ‘War of the Worlds’ movie is pay-per-view for $2.99 on Google.  Below is the free audio drama radio episode in its original format:
Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” Radio Drama, CBS, October 30, 1938 – Subtitled
The Night America Trembled 1957 – HG Wells. ‘War of the Worlds” [59 min]
“Citizen Kane” – Google Pay-per-view movie $2.99 and free 9 minute preview
Orson Welles “It’s All True” Citizen Kane and RKO (5 part series) [about 50 min]
Orson Welles Meets HG Wells [8 min]
The Battle Over Citizen Kane [1 hr 46 min]
HG Wells – “G_ _damn you all, I told you so!” [5 min]
An Interview of Stalin By H.G. Wells (Marxism verses Liberalism) (reading of a written interview) [42 min]
H.G. Wells – Prophet or Writer? [5 min]
Orson Welles “Mysteries & Scandals” Produced by Dan Abrams [21 min]
H.G. Wells in his own voice (1943) – Suggesting a New World Order [12 min]
Is Henry Kissinger a War Criminal? Debate on C-Span With Christopher Hitchens [1 hour 30 min]
Henry Kissinger Exposed! [11 min]
Henry Kissinger’s Legacy of War Crimes Exposed by Secret Yale Visit [6 min]
Henry Kissinger Gives His Views On the New World Order [1 hr 6 min]
Brice Taylor: Mind-Controlled Sex Slave of the CIA, Bob Hope and Henry Kissinger [10 min]
Henry Kissinger Exposed for War Crimes Interviewed by Alternative News [2 min]
The United Nations: Peace Dove Unmasked [36 min]
The Occult World Peace Plan – The United Nations – Lucis Trust [2 hrs 17 min]
The UN Occult Agenda Total Onslaught – Walter Veith [1 hr 28 min]
“Exposing The Strong Delusion” – Dr. Patrick Murray on the Prophecy Club (15 short videos in playlist) [approx. 2 hours]
In One Generation – A Speech By Robert Welch (1974) [2 hrs 8 min]
John F Kennedy Speech  – 1961 on Secret Societies (Full Speech) [20 minutes]
Myron C Fagan: The Illuminati and the CFR (1967) [2 hrs 33 min]
The Communist Revolutionary Agenda of Evil Seeking to Destroy America (2001?) [2 hrs 13 min]
Ex Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera and Others Speak on Jesuit Infiltration [2 hrs 1 min]
This video is a SDA video but the interviews are excellent. (1980’s)
John Todd – Illuminati, CFR, Trilateral Commission, 33rd Degree Masonry [10 min]
There are many videos of John Todd audio tapes for your research.
The Amazing History of the Statue of Liberty – National TV Documentary [44 min](https://youtu.be/cdnEp_kx7P8)

The Statue of Liberty (Whore of Babylon) -Roman Goddess Libertas. Astoroth in New York [14 min]


Living the Wiccan Life, Madison Pagan Pride [Interview on Paganism  Acknowledgement in the USA and who is Libertas] [16 min]


Greatmilestone – What you did not know about the Statue of Liberty [19 min]

America is Babylon [1 hour 1 min]
America the Babylon Part 1 – Pastor Sam Adams [32 min]
America the Babylon Part 2 – Pastor Sam Adams [49 min]
Agenda 21 College: This Is Why The Universities Are Melting Down [13 min]
Ben Shapiro On Indoctrination of America’s Youth In Universities [3 hrs 2 min]
College Students ‘Literally Traumatized’ By Trump 2016 Chalkings
Indoctrinate U: Marxism in College (full version) [1 hr 28 min]
Make Mine Freedom – Animated Anti-Communist Propaganda Film 1948 [9 min]
The New Age Philosophy Exposed! Teaching Began With Satan In The Garden [2 hrs 56 min]
Why Is The New Age Movement Dangerous? [29 min]
Aquarius: The Age Of Evil [2 hrs 23 min]
The New Age Influence On Christianity [29 min]
Trespassing Allowed [20 min]
Anarchy USA [1 hr 17 min]
Support Your Local Police [34 min]
Overview of America [29 min]
One Dozen Candles [15 min] [This 15 minute program addresses 12 topics from The John Birch Society’s perspective, including the source of our rights, our form of government, deficits, the CFR, etc.]
How Satan’s Army Is Rising Now! 2016 [30 min]
Satan Now Invited Into Your Schools [24 min]
Dan Akroyd Unplugged On UFOs: Full Documentary 2012 [1 hr 23 min]
Dr. Scott Johnson – Imminent E.T. Disclosure and World Government [1hr 34 min]
How a FAKED Alien Invasion Jumpstart the NWO [12 min]
National Press Club 2015 Has Conference on Aliens and UFOs [1 hr 43 min]
UFO Alien Disclosure by CIA Army Agent 2014 [45 min]
Uncounted: The New Math of American Elections [1 hr 20 min]
How Ron Paul Was Cheated Out of the Presidency [26 min]
How Hillary Stole the Iowa Democratic Caucus: Voter Fraud on Live TV  (2/2/16) [6 min]
Could the 2016 Election Be Stolen With the Help Of Electronic Voting Machines? [8 min]
Kansas City College Statistician Says the Electronic Election Results Are Off [2 min]
Madura Wins the Elections with a 50.66% Vote With An Electronic Voting – Caprillas Wants an Audit.
Progressive Local Agenda 21 Forcing Mega Cities [39 min]
Hilary Clinton: A Career Criminal [20 min]
Treasures of the Snow (1981) [1 hr 48 min]
Uncovering Bisphonol A – A Covert Depopulation [10 min]
BPA and Phytoestrogens:  Feminizing Men Through Food [46 min]
The Great Invasion – Documentary On Endocrine Disrupters  [52 min]
Long Term Health Effects of BPA and Other Endocrines [57 min]
Obama’s Socialist Party is Here! USA Survival interviews Joel Gilbert, film maker to the movie, “There’s No Place Like Utopia” [56 min] This movie is $3.99 on Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzGKZur_c1A)
Crisis and Openings: An Introduction to Marxism (A classroom lecture by Professor Richard D Wolff) [1 hr 34 min]
What is Cultural Marxism? [8 min]
Karl Marx and Marxism [54 min]
Freemasonry: Sub-societies and Activities [1 hr 4 min]
Is China the Last Superpower [1 hr 58 min]
Above Ground World News With Jim Lee  (The Technology Warfare Against You!) [1 hr 49 min]
Dr. Sungenis Presentation of Geocentrism Dallas, Texas [2 hrs 28 min]
The Great Smithonian Cover Up of Giant Skeletons [50 min]
Red Haired Giants Exposed [27 Min]
Is the Smithsonian Covering Up the Physical Evidence of Giants? [1 hr 12 min]
Did Giants Build Etowah Mounds In Georgia ? [10 min]
Giants Documented by Spanish Explorers [10 min]
The Truth About Nephillum in the United States [1 hr 55 min]
Gadaffi: The Truth About Libya [1 hr]
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkTUDw0mjMA )

Truth Exposed: Mummar Gaddafi: The Real Reason Why Lybia Was Attacked [2 hrs 48 min]


Benghazi Whistleblower Tells Why Chris Stevens Was Murdered [60 min]


Hollywood’s Satanic Roots – Old Paths Baptist Baptist Church [1 hr 37 min]

America’s Nazi Secret: Project Paperclip [56 min]
Project Paperclip and the Nazis [46 min]
The True History and Purpose of NASA [41 min]
Annie Jacobson Author of “Project Paperclip” [57 min]
Contemplative Prayers Exposed [1 hr 57 min]
The Life of Adam (Documentary on Adam Lanza of Sandy Hook Hoax)  [1 hr 57 min]

New Age Bible PerVersions – Underground Christian Network Audio Study [1 hr 53 min]


Gail Riplinger Interview on NiteLine Discusses Her Book, “New Age Bible Versions” [1 hr 36 min]


Warren Smith talks about ‘Another Jesus’ [1 hr 19 min]


Emergent Church Movement [2 hrs 2 min]

Prophesy Club – Ken Peters prophesies end times (early 90s) [2 hrs 21 min]
Rise of a New World Order Part 3 [1 hr 23 min]
Jeb Bush Exposed – Rigged Elections 2016 [1 hr 30 min]
We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook – New 2015 Documentary [2 hrs 47 min]
The House of Rothschild (1934 propaganda historical biography movie) [1 hr 27 min]

Conspiracy Theory (Full Movie with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts) [1 hr 43 min]


The Clintons and Their Dirty Secrets [1 hr 54 min]

Inside Scientology (CIA Mind Control) [50 min]

What is the New World Order? – Even At the Doors Documentary [1 hr 9 min]


50 Year Old NWO Prophetic Animated Short Film [10 min]


John F Kennedy Speaking on the New World Order Secret Societies (Illuminati) 1961 [20 min]

The Truth About the United Nations Part 1 (Documentary) [1 hr 1 min]
Illuminati Plans 2015 – To Kill Billions of People [2 hrs 24 min]
Illuminati Compilation Clips 100% Real [43 min]

Roots of the Emergent Church [2 hrs 2 min]


Gnostism Exposed [11 min]
Seducing Spirits and Doctrines of Devils  [1 hr 44 min]
New World Order Religion and Modern Church Apostasy [2 hrs 28 min]
Contemplative Prayer, Mysticism and Kundalini [7 min]
Skid Row – Documentary [1 hr 35 min]
Union Rescue Mission CEO Spends the Night Out on Skid Row [5 min]
Christian Homeschool Movement vs. The New World Order Part 1 and 2  [1 hr 12 min]

Animal Farm Movie  [1 hr 17 min]


Animal Farm Visual Representation of Characters [2 min]


Animal Farm Background [9 min]


Military Mind Control 1968 [26 min]


Obama’s New “Domestic Terrorist Council” Equates Patriotism With Terrorism [44 min]


Anti-Israel Propaganda Exposed [3 min]
Provocateurs, Shills and Disinformation Agents [11 min]
Five Things Shills Don’t Want You to Know [19 min]
The Use of Propaganda and the Rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party [10 min]
Scientists Believe They Can Change Beliefs in God and Beliefs About Immigrants [4 min]
PSYOPS: Psychological Operations [14 min]
Making Light of Evil: Halloween – Part 2 [22 min]
Should Christians Celebrate Halloween? [1 hr 20 min]
The Truth About Halloween- Sermon by Pastor James Knox [56 min]
Christianity and Halloween [7 min]
Christians and Halloween [6 min]
Doc Marquis – Occult Holidays: Halloween [24 min]
Christians and Halloween from an Ex-Witch [13 min]
Christians Should Not Celebrate Halloween [3 min]
Hollywood Insiders: Beneath the Surface [1 hr 15 min]
lluminati High Priests [15 min]
Oprah Winfrey is a Satanist – Illuminati Exposed [7 min]
Illuminati Compilation Clips 100% Real [43 min]
How Illuminati Leaves Signatures on Hoax/ Falseflag Events [19 min]
Why You Should NOT Support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month [6 min}
Breast Cancer Fraud Case WPTV West Palm Beach Florida [2 min]
War on Health – The FDA’s Cult of Tyranny [2 hrs 5 min]
Cancer is a Serious Business Documentary [1 hr 47 min]
The Tragedy of Angelina Jolie Pitt [17 min]

How Shannon Knight Healed Stage 4 Cancer With Alternative Cancer Therapies [46 min]
Is Susan G Komen Foundation Looking for Cash or a Cure? [5 min]
Komen CEO’s Pay Raise Raises Eyebrows In Non-Profit World
Susan G Komen Mammogram Scam [9 Min]
Chemotherapy is a Waste of Money [5 min]
The Shocking History of Chemotherapy [4 min]
“They Live” – Full Movie (1988) [1 hr 16 min] Parent Warning: Rated R (language and nudity)
“They Live” Actor Rowdy Piper 25th Anniversary Interview on Alex Jones (41 min)
Roddy Piper Killed by the Illuminati [6 min]
The Executive: Obama’s Real Reason He wants Your Guns (Documentary) [1 hr 8 min]
Marxist Mole: The Story They Can’t Kill [1 hr 55 min]
Barak Hussain Obama is a Secret Muslim [43 min]
Classmate of Barack Obama in Hawaii Mia Maria Pope Ousts Obama [27 min]
Islamic Supremacist Paid For Obama’s Law School / Dr. Khalid Al Mansour [3 min]
The Saudi Agent Behind Barack Obama – Khalid Al Mansour [7 min]
Zero: An Investigation into 9/11 [1 hr 45min]
9/11, The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy [57 min]
9/11 Conspiracy – Finally Solved (Names, Connections, Motives) [43 min]
CIA Whistle blower Susan Lindaur Exposes Everything [1 hr 36 min]
After Armegeddon – Documentary Movie [1 hr 27 min]
Ready for Christian Persecution in the End Times? [13 min]
What not to wear after a disaster [17 min]
American Blackout 2013 Documentary movie [1 hr 27 min]
Essentials for BugOut Bag [29 min]
Realistic Urban Survival Kit [20 min]
How to Survive an EMP attack
End Times Christians with Pastor Jason Cooley Part 1 [25 min]
>p style=”text-align: left;”>501c3: The Devil’s Church 1 of 2 [1 hr 19 min]


Romans 13 – Pastor Chuck Baldwin [1 hr 2 min]


A Call To Christians of 501c3 Churches [15 min]


Government Churches in America AKA 501c3 Churches [22 min]


The American Revolution – Story of the Boston Tea Party  Film 1953 [15 min]
Church of Tares – NWO Churches [3 hrs]
Romans 13 – Do We Obey Government Over God? [1 hr 2 min]
501(c) (3) Government Take Over of the Church Part 1 of 2 [1 hr 44 min]
Huston Gay Mayor Asks for Pastor’s Sermons [5 min]
Gay Marriage Will Trump Religious Freedom [22 min]
FEMA Activates Clergy Response Teams and Promotes Romans 13 for Church to Submit to Government [19 min]

Aliens are Demons and Demonic New Age Deceptions [2 hrs 26 min]

The Strong Delusion and Fallen Angels – Bill Schnoebelen [2 hrs 36 min]

Aliens Are Really Demons, Demonic Fallen Angels, Satan’s Plan To Mislead Man [27 min]

Exposing the Strong Delusion Part 1 of 6 – Dr Scott Johnson [1 hr 11 min]

Fake Aliens: The Satanic Illuminati UFO Conspiracy [1 hr 19 min]


A False Flag Alien Invasion [12 min]

CERN Dark Matter Discovery Could Be Alien Deception in September [6 min]
Charleston Shooting Hoax [52 min]

Waldenses and the Papacy [1 hr 8 min]


Baptist Trail of Blood [38 min]


Persecution of Historical Baptist Preachers by Pastor Jeff Faggart [53 min]


Baptist History and Liberty [1 hr 2 min]


Baptists Are Not Protestant [39 min]


Roman Catholicsm is Not Christianity No Matter How Old It Is [20 min]


The Shocking History of Chemotherapy by Dr. Gonzalez (One of the recently dead alternative medicine doctors) [4 min]
The Cancer Hoax [1 hr 49 min]
The Medicine Conspiracy – Bill Schneobelen [2 hrs 29 min]
Chris Wark Walked Away from Chemo and Beat Cancer [39 min]
The Real Reason Why Holistic Doctors are Being Killed and Vanishing [27 min]
100 Years of Surpressed Medicine [25 min]
Illuminati Hijacked Medicine [15 min]
The FDA War on Health Documentary [1 hr 38 min]
Rockefeller Medicine – The Corbett Report [44 min]
Vaccine Nation Documentary 2008 [1 hr 30 min]
Lethal Injection: The Story of Vaccination [2 hrs 32 min]
Senator Richard Pan Caught Lying About Aborted Fetal Cells In Vaccines [5 min]
Pharmaceutical Death Industry Updated 2015 [21 min]
“Doctored” Movie Extended Clips on Vaccines [5 min]
Pope Launches New World Order [1 hr 59 min]
Hour of Truth Audio Broadcast: UN Launches Major Sustainable Development Agenda for the Entire Planet [1 hr 28 min]
Climate Change Hoax Revealed in UK [15 min]
United Nations and Vatican are Planing the New World Order [18 min]
Vatican News: United Nations and Vatican “Anti-Christ [36 min]
The Great Global Warming Swindle Documentary [1 hr 16 min]
The United Nations One World Religion [25 min]
America’s Choice: Liberty or Sustainability (1 of 3) [1 hr 20 min]
Agenda 21: Blueprint for a NWO Takeover [1 hr 29 min]
Sustainable Development and the UN Agenda to Control Education [45 min]
What is Sustainable Development? [4 min]
Agenda 21 Planners Discuss Your Future [8 min]
Manchurian Candidate (2004) Full Movie [1 hr 40 min]
“Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan (with young Liam Neeson) [1 hr 10 min]
Xiqiu “Bob” Fu: A Christian in Prison [6 min]
Pastor Saeed Abedini – in prison for 8 years in Iran for being Christian [9 min]
Indonesians in prison for converting Muslims [3 min]
Open Doors Christian Persecution Watchlist 2015 [2 min]
John Huss: History in 3 min (The Holy Spirit moves through the word of God being distributed) [3 min]
God’s Outlaw: William Tyndale Story  – full movie [1 hr 35 min]
Propaganda and Manipulation: How mass media engineers and distorts our perceptions [1 hr 17 min]
Exposing Media Propaganda [9 min]
Eric Holder Says People Need to be Brainwashed About Guns [4 min]
Fox Admits to Political Brainwashing in Popular TV Shows [4 min]
Brainwashing America: Satanic Illuminati New World Gay Agenda Exposed! [1 hr 46 min]
How the Gay Agenda Spreads – Charlene Cothran [23 min]
Ecumenism: Spiritual Whoredom [55 min]
Destroying Christianity From Within: Myron Fagan Exposes Illuminati NWO Plans (Excerpt from 2 1/2 hr audio) [4 Min]
World Council of Churches False Peace Plan [24 min]
Agenda 21: Depopulation Agenda for a New World Order [1 hr 28 min]
Agenda 21 Explained [1 hr 21 min]
Stealing Water to Create a Shortage for Profit [1 hr 27 min]
Agenda 21: The Earth Charter, The Ark of Hope, and the New World Order
Agenda 21 for Dummies [10 min]
Agenda 21 Anaheim Mega City  [14 min]
How Agenda 21 Has Entered our Cities (I live in this area and this has happened in our town already. New lofts buildings are going up fast and have filled Main Street. They have been built by and bought by the Chinese.) [23 min]
Depopulation In Full Swing [22 min]
Weaponized Weather Strikes [1 hr]
California Governor Jerry Brown Meets With UN Depopulation Demon [3 min]
The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Exposed Part 1 [1 hr 11 min]
The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Exposed Part 2 [1 hr 2 min]
Jesuit Infiltration in Churches and U.S. Government [27 min]
Jesuit Infiltration in Christianity [39 min]
The Jesuits: Priesthood of Absolute Evil [1 hr 1 min]
The Clinton Chronicles [1 hr 21 min]
The Clinton Body Count Conspiracy [7 min]
Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie Removed from Theatres [1 hr 30 min]
There is only one reason people are voting for Hillary (Yes you already know) [3 min]
Hillary Clinton Supporters Don’t Really Support Hillary [5 min]
Government Sponsored Terrorism [2 hrs 38 min]
Kurt Haskell Exposes Underwear Bomber [49 min]
Sandy Hook: Ultimate Hoax [1 hr 57 min]
Loose Change: Full Documentary on the 9/11 False Flag Event [1 hr 22 min]
Oklahoma City Bombing Cover Up Documentary [1 hr 48 min]
Waco Texas Massacre Documentary [1 hr 50 min]
The Hiding Place – Corrie Ten Boom Movie [2 hrs 26 min]
Pastor Charles Lawson Preaches an End Times Sermon [28 min]
Pastor Paul Washer Talks About the Coming Persecution [4 min]
Christian Persecution Coming to a City Near You [37 min]
CERN: Opening the Abyss [31 min]
The Darkest Side of Cern – Dr Scott Johnson Audio and PDF teaching [1 hr 2 min]
CERN and the Halls of Hell [48 min]
CERN: Opening the Gates of Hades, Soylent Green Revisited -Dr. Scott Johnson [50 min]
Warning about the Freemasonry Cult by Kent Hovind [11 min ]
Freemasonry, Masonic Lodge and the Shriners are not Compatible with Biblical Christianity [18 min]
Why I Preach Against Freemasonry , Sermon by Pastor Jason Cooley [1 hr]
Freemasonry Exposed [23 min]
Freemasonry Secrets Exposed [1 hr 21 min]
As in the days of Noah: End Time Prophesy, Fallen Angels and Coming Deceptions [1 hr 57]
Church of Tares: Purpose Driven and Seeker Sensitive [3 hrs]
Agenda 21 Explained [1 hr 21 min]
Welcome to the New Age
Dragon’s Deception [2 hr 3 min]
New Age Deception by Pastor Mike Hoggard  [1 hr 30 min]
The Insiders – CFR and Trilateral Commission Agenda
CFR -The Power Behind the News [58 min]
Hitler and Nazis Documentary [1 hr 29 min]
Stalin (1992) Full Movie
Lenin Documentary [1 hr 20 min]
Psychiatry: An Industry of Death and Abuse [1 hr 48 min]
The Great Culling: Our Water [1 hr 33 min]
Making a Killing: The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugs [1 hr 34 min]
The World According to Monsanto [1 hr 49 min]
Lucifer Worship Exposed: Illuminati, Jesuits, Freemasonry
George Orwell’s 1984 (1956 movie)
George Orwell’s Animal Farm (1954 Animated) [1 hr 9 min]
Kent Hovind: Speaking on Overpopulation, GMOs, Magnetic Fields and Astronomy [1 hr 30 min]
HAARP Research and Technology [1 hr 3 min]
The James Holmes Conspiracy – 2012 Documentary [1 hr 34 ]
After Armageddon – Full Documentary [1 hr 27 min]
The Top 10 Illuminati Bloodlines by Fritz Springmeier  [2 hrs 37 min]
John Todd: Secrets of the Illuminati (Audio Interview) [3 hrs 39 min]

Geoengineering Whistleblower, Kristen Meghan 
The New World Order- Dr.Kent Hovind [31 min]
Building the Machine: Common Core Documentary [39 min]
Off the Grid 2012 Documentary (Dutch Subtitles0 [1 hr]
Smart Meters and EMF Radiation: The Health Crisis of Our Time [43 min]
Radical Islam: The Plan to Destroy From Within  – Speech by Brigitte Gabriel [50 min]
Muhammad was a False Profit [6 min]
Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMOs Movie [1 hr 20 min]
 Gridkey Documentary [1 hr]
 Conspiracy of Silence Banned Documentary (Cover Up of Satanic Pedofile Abuse by US Politicians) [1 hr]

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