End Times Sermon Videos

All the true Bible believing Christian churches are already preaching end times sermons and talking about the NWO. You won’t find any truth at Joel Osteen’s church or any of the prosperity gospel churches. If your church is not preaching against homosexuality, abortions or the apostate churches, you are in a lukewarm church. Get out of those fake churches. The church is for BELIEVERS not unbelievers. Unbelievers can visit but they do not dictate what music you listen to, what sermons are preached what entertainment is provided or any catering. That is not what the church is for. If your worship music time is like a concert, get out. If your church does not speak against sin and allows sinners to be members, get out.


Every Sunday CA2NWO posts sermons on Twitter and Reddit. All sermons at Bible believing Christian churches will teach relevant NWO plans and preparations for Christians. The fake churches will emphasize wealth increase or psychology or have a female preacher and will be popular with occult celebrities and big names like Oprah Winfrey or Obama.