Lewis Caroll, Alice in Wonderland, Pedophilia and MK Ultra

Interesting information to educate you on Lewis Carroll and the controversy regarding Alice and Wonderland in a few videos.

The Secret World Of Lewis Carroll (Alice In Wonderland Documentary)


Hidden Occult Messages of Alice in Wonderland


Obama in Wonderland: White House Throws Secret Alice in Wonderland Party

EXPOSED: Alice in Wonderland illuminati Symbology (R$E)


‘Alice Through the Looking Glass’ illuminati 2016 (R$E)


Tubal Cain Symbol

I’m watching a sermon on Youtube….and the Tubal Cain symbol was mentioned….then I decided to look up this symbol. Very interesting. The Google Symbol is 666 and the Google Mail symbol looks like the Freemason Apron. Now, look at the Tubal Cain symbol which looks like the Facebook symbol. Also, google the images….very interesting.



Please see: http://www.twoballcanegc.com/