Australia, the world is watching you to see if you go the way of England

Last night, we heard about the man who ran over at least 14 people in a busy area in Melbourne, Australia. It was obvious to everyone that it was an Islamic extremist attack. Someone decided to kill innocent people during Christmas time for their wicked false god.

Australia, we once viewed you as having real men and strong people who were our English speaking allies in the South. What happened to you?

I am seeing crazy reports of it being a “mentally ill person” and a “lone wolf” as if this excuses anything.

Then I am seeing Australian police say they don’t know the motive. When I see this, it is incredibly sickening to see someone ignore the obvious. It was radical Islam which has too many sympathizers.

What are you going to do? Are you going to give a speech like Theresa May that means absolutely nothing?

Perhaps you will do the typical ridiculous reaction of telling people to not “attack” Muslims. Of course by attack that means ‘say nothing about what they do’.  You would think that means run over Muslims with a car but that’s not what “attack” means. Non-Muslims, especially Christians are civilized people who won’t be mowing people down with cars and trucks. Still not one Christian suicide bomber in any nation either. Our God does not want us to harm others or kill people for their beliefs. Jesus said to love our enemies. So you won’t find the same behavior unless they are a fake Christian who doesn’t care what the Bible says, what God says or has anything to do with Christianity. No murderer can enter heaven so you won’t find Christians doing that.

If this suspect is found to have gone to a local mosque, it needs to be investigated and the Imam needs to go in front of a TV camera and denounce the attacks. He needs to say something similar to, “These attacks on innocent people are wrong. Islam does not teach people do such cowardly, evil deeds. We desire to assimilate and to do good things for our Australian brothers and sisters, no matter what their faith is. We denounce all terrorists attacks here in Australia and around the world and we will work with authorities to banish these destructive ideas within this mosque. The police are welcome to investigate our mosque and female police officers are not to be discriminated against as well. The sanctuary area must not have shoes on them but we will designate walkways to all offices.”… yeah… if only that could be said.

If this person lived with a wife or family, they need to be deported.  No dual citizenship. English requirements and no face veils for women. Welfare is only for one year and you must take an English test every month for improvement. All official documents to be signed after 1 year of living in Australia must be clear and in English.

This is the only way to deter terrorism and the corruption that comes along with mass migration of Muslims.

You won’t have as many problems with Christians but other religions including Christianity need to be treated the same way for fairness. None of it is burdensome if it prevents terrorism, welfare fraud and corruption.



The world is watching you, Australia. Be strong!



We Love You, Poland!!!!

We know what is happening in Europe and we are very proud of you that you are standing up against Merkel and

the EU. Stay strong. We applaud you! We think Eastern Europe is awesome and wonderful for keeping their heritage, their race, their language, their country as preserving it. The EU countries are crumbling and full of terrorism and debt. Do not go that direction even if they threaten you. Stand firm. We are praying for you.

Wiemy, co dzieje się w Europie i jesteśmy bardzo dumni z tego, że stoisz przeciwko Merkel i UE. Badź silny. Doceniamy cię! Uważamy, że Europa Wschodnia jest wspaniała i wspaniała, ponieważ zachowuje to dziedzictwo, rasę, język, kraj. Kraje UE są kruszone i pełne terroryzmu i długów. Nie idź w tym kierunku, nawet jeśli grozią. Nie ustępować. Modlimy się za ciebie.


What Can Countries Do To Prevent Islamic Extremism?

Liberals and Muslims don’t have a clue but there are solutions if you have common sense and I am sure you have some good ones as well. If only politicians would DO SOMETHING.

“No real solutions. Interfaith? puh leez. How about a ban of Sharia law and a ban for anyone wanting to come back to the UK if their passport shows travel to a particular country where they train soldiers? No more burkas to identify people. Only a hijab scarf. No international or terrorist flags. If they don’t like that, then they are free to go to another country. When they come to the country they need to be told about what is acceptable and what isn’t. The rape and violence charges need to be stronger and if they are here less than a year, they need to be deported. Mosques and family should go through citizenship classes if their children do anything wrong. They must take in 50% men and 50% women when bringing in Immigrants. What happened to the women, children and elderly? Did they just leave them to die in their own countries? Why do the men want to be safe while their family is unsafe? There’s too many Muslims from Muslim countries. The immigrants must also include other races including South African white people who are persecuted and Latin American countries like Venezuela where they are suffering starvation. Lower the rate too because it is out of hand. The British still need to be the dominate culture to continue their race as well. The multiculturalism is ruining Europe. Well, that is my rant and 2 cents. I know none of it will be done but at least I have better solutions that these people being interviewed.”

In addition to this comment that I made last night, European and Western cultures would be blessed if they became Christian again and I do not mean Roman Catholic or Orthodox but born again Bible-believing Christians.



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