May 1, 2018 – May Day Plans



This remember that communist regimes have killed over 100 million people worldwide. We should have the same visceral reaction to the hammer and sickle as we do to the swastika.






I think I just figured out how to handle DACA

Yeah, me, plain Jane figured it out, at least partially. And it will make everyone who reads this to think and figure it out even more than I have!

How about starting a new vetting process right away with the DACA people. Look at each person’s criminal background. Deport anyone with a criminal history. They don’t deserve to be here.

I blame the parents who came here KNOWING they could be deported at anytime and chose to bring their kid or have kids in the USA and KNOWING they could be deported as well. Some gave lots of money to human traffickers and some were raped and some killed on the way.  There are Asians and Canadians who have overstayed their VISAs that need to go as well. It makes me even more angry at how easy it is for them to buy a social security card and live in Sanctuary cities and States that allow criminals to keep on coming back and committing crime.  This is the fault of  liberal politicians for enabling this insanity.

As far as children go under the DACA process they must 16 1/2 to be considered since the process takes 3 1/2 years or be deported and reunited with their parents.  If both child and parent are illegal they must both be deported. Deportation should be less scary and the country they came from should help make it a smoother, very welcoming process. Family members should be relocated and if they are in a dangerous area, they need to be relocated to a safer place. There are many English speaking people abroad to help them, especially missionaries that will do it for free. Mexico, China, El Salvador or other countries should consider them to be valuable citizens since that have had shots, education and can help with community activism to help clean up and make a safe community in their own country. These will be the future teachers, scientists, lawyers and doctors to benefit their country. Countries should be glad that these kids were safe and well educated and are probably bilingual now.

If a country wants to kill them because they committed a crime that is ridiculous like saying something about Muhammad, they need to go into another group. This is a refugee and processed completely differently.

The people who are eligible DACA participants must go through a newer citizenship process and extreme vetting. They must speak English efficiently and take a civics class. Senators and Representatives should volunteer two hours of their time to give them an American history lesson using bipartisan material. Everything bi-partisan in the process must be half Conservative and half Liberal teachers.  Socialism, Communism and Marxism should be banned from all instruction. The process usually takes 3 1/2 years so that is how long it will be for them. English requirement must be for all ages unless they mentally disable. The same merit base immigration must continue.

Here is the catch that will make Republicans say OK. The amount of increase of the DACA potential immigrants must be equal to the decrease in other potential immigrants coming into the USA . For the amount going through the immigration process, the Syrian, African and other countries must be turned away for the DACA recipients. So the amount of immigrants coming into the USA will be the same as if there were no DACA recpients. It will be the same amount of immigrants going through the process per year.

Trump needs to pass some anti-Sharia laws and we also need to make sure we are not bringing in one religion above another. There are persecuted Christians and Yazidis and Atheists, Buddhists who could be good candidates for the immigration process and American assimilation than have an enormous amount of Muslims that is showing itself to incompatible for Western society.  Instead, it should be considered to help establish safe zones and make temporary camps so people can go back to their countries and rebuild. It is more efficient and cost effective to help people in their own countries and have neighboring countries take in refugees that are in danger and fleeing their own country to save their lives. The men who come here first and leave women and children in danger zones is an indication that they are not real refugees. Let countries thrive and do well and succeed.  America is only one of many countries out there. Each country is unique and has their own culture that they are proud of. There are poor people on islands who have no shoes that are happy with their lives. Not everyone thinks New York City, Chicago, Seattle or San Francisco is the best place to live and have a happy life.

Since Trump is pro-life, he should also be pro-family so that the USA is able to have a population that reflects higher American citizen population no matter the race rather in importing families to replace current population.  He should encourage marriages and families with a tax deduction. Middle class families who are not on welfare deserve the biggest deductions and Federal money.  No multiple wives either. Mormons or Muslims. The welfare system should be work program were they are cleaning up parks or working in school cafeterias or cleaning up public property, etc.

There should be less regulation for small business where it takes less paperwork and less fees if you are an American citizen with a clean record. It should cost more for the bigger business than the small business because they have to do more work to run a small business.  There should not be businesses run by illegal aliens or people who have not finished the citizen process. But it should be easy to hire anyone who is going through the process. That way they can still get jobs but being a citizen should have more privileges.

Anyone who is going through the process or is an illegal alien who commits murder or a terrorism crime should be deported along with any dependents or spouses that are going through the same process. This will be a deterrent. Their civics class and introduction to the USA should have laws outlined to make sure they assimilate. No female genital mutilation, honor killings or wife beatings, rape culture,  marrying children or family members or wearing a face covering that covers the whole face.  For ID purposes the whole face must be visible unless they have burns on their face or disfigurations and a special medical device prescribed by a doctor is used.

English needs to be made the official language. They can speak as many languages as they want but English should be the language of commerce and public schools. No more Federal dollars in making literature in other languages. All signs should be in English and the 2nd language in smaller letters for business.  This will prevent No-Go Zones and encourage community of all races and language.  If they are having trouble reading something, I am sure each community will offer citizen volunteers to help them for free. Most towns have community centers and culture centers.

One more thing: DACA is different from the Dreamers. There are less DACA participants than so called Dreamers.  Dreamers that are not already on the DACA program must be deported. All illegal aliens should be deported right away or the same problems will happen again.  An explanation of the difference between DACA, illegal aliens and Dreamers as well as Legal Immigrants need to be defined and explained by Sarah Sanders, the White House Press Secretary and by the President at the next televised event because people are really confused on what this is and politicians are apparently unaware as well. This should be outlined and presented right away. The media and liberal politicians are telling people that “we are a nation of immigrants” as if they are the same and they are not. The Statue of Liberty quote needs to be explained by an educated historian, preferably a well-spoken politician. Liberal politicians are using this confusion to anger their constituents to speak ignorantly at public gatherings.

Do away with the Black and Hispanic Caucus. Stop dividing us by race in the government arena. These two caucuses are primarily liberal which makes them biased. They can be dependent and can become a non-profit organization if they want but we don’t need them in the government if we want to get rid of racial divisions. What about other races? Indian (from India), Asian, African, European? There are many races and we don’t need to divide us anymore. These are nothing but racism in Washington D.C. Let’s be color blind. Let’s be gender blind as well. Even religion blind. We did not vote for Trump because he is a Christian but because he would protect religious freedom laws we already have under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  He is no perfect person but he was the better choice as far as Christian freedom protections are concerned.


Anyway, I hope this gets people thinking. God bless.


Leah H


We Love You, Poland!!!!

We know what is happening in Europe and we are very proud of you that you are standing up against Merkel and

the EU. Stay strong. We applaud you! We think Eastern Europe is awesome and wonderful for keeping their heritage, their race, their language, their country as preserving it. The EU countries are crumbling and full of terrorism and debt. Do not go that direction even if they threaten you. Stand firm. We are praying for you.

Wiemy, co dzieje się w Europie i jesteśmy bardzo dumni z tego, że stoisz przeciwko Merkel i UE. Badź silny. Doceniamy cię! Uważamy, że Europa Wschodnia jest wspaniała i wspaniała, ponieważ zachowuje to dziedzictwo, rasę, język, kraj. Kraje UE są kruszone i pełne terroryzmu i długów. Nie idź w tym kierunku, nawet jeśli grozią. Nie ustępować. Modlimy się za ciebie.