Gabby Giffords Hoax

The more I look into this, the more I am questioning whether she really got shot. Maybe she did.  I don’t know. What I do know is it is being used for gun control. Please see the following videos. Can we also get someone to work on getting Majority House Whip  Representative Steve Scalise who was shot recently in Virginia by a Bernie Sanders fan to also get a $475 million dollar ship named after him, too? Notice, he is not getting anywhere near the coverage she did on the news.

NYC Times Square Crash Hoax

I’ve posted about hoaxes before but let me tell you about this one. When the Seth Rich connection to Wikileaks came out, everyone in the alternative media knew there would be a false flag. I even tweeted about it. We knew that crazy things would come out and there were all sorts of backlash and crazy stories about Trump. I was feeling really discouraged to because Republicans were saying trash about President Trump about the Comey firing. It was pretty drama filled that week. But when the Seth Rich tweets started to permeate the screen, it was very tense. When the crash happened, we were pretty much wondering if that was the false flag and people on the right started to assume that it was a Muslim. All those thoughts went through my head and I always immediately wonder who did it?  What was his political stance? Why did he do it? Was it real? Since then and for at least a year, things have been tense because the elite are assembling into their places stirring things up as they bring on the NWO.

Their NWO witch who was supposed to win by fraud and lies and propaganda did not work out as they wanted. People are still in denial and the immaturity level is through the roof on CNN. It’s gotten ugly and people who left God and stopped going to church are acting like Satanists, angry atheists, brainwashed youth and perhaps that is what they are now. In case you didn’t already know, God had mercy on the United States and allowed Donald J. Trump to be the president. That’s why he was there.  That’s the reason and I know there are tons of people who don’t want to accept it. They are still fighting it trying to impeach him and believing the lies on mainstream media. Is it a conspiracy? In a way yes because of most of the media, the people in high places and celebrities are liberal so it should be expected that they favor the left and try to destroy the right. The morally challenged left are behaving in a dramatically psychotic and immature manner. They don’t realize they are being used as pawns to do the work Satan needs to come on stage and feel like a king for a while.

Anyway, before I go on and on… here are some videos for you to look at. There will be a lot and I may add to it but take some time this week please go through them and see for yourself. The powers of darkness that be that are always trying to cover up do their best to get these videos taken down so please see them as soon as you can and contact me if there are a bunch missing. This time I will add a little more information so I know where they came from and what they were. Research Seth Rich as well, I am putting up as many as I find on Twitter and Reddit.


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Lift the Veil

UK Critical Thinker

Syria Strikes were CFR Globalist Influenced

While many Trump supporters were very happy about the Syrian Strikes 2 days ago, many were not. It was propagated and followed by some very strong propaganda. The strike was wrong! I am just going to come out and say it. There is a lot of information and videos and articles to back up what I am saying. A large portion of the USA understands and sees this as a very big propaganda deception.  FOX news is going all the way to defend President Trump on his decision to strike Syria with 59 Tomahawk Missiles from a US Naval ship positioned in the Mediterranean Sea. It is unfortunate to see that sliver of media go to waste in a moment. Judge Jeannie Pirrot just called Ann Coulter and Nigel Farage “Nationalists” as if that were a bad thing. FOX is out with the rest of the fake news MSM to call truthers as “Conspiracy Theorists” and “Trump Haters” and whatever new things they come up with. I’ve even heard people call us “white supremacists”.

Things are getting tough and ugly and we may be looking at the beginning of World War III and no I am not fear mongering. I don’t know if it is because I look at so many articles and videos and headlines every day that I can see this is nothing but a globalist plot to bring us into another war.

Posting as much information as I can so it can be as clear and documented as I can. Please forward this to someone and wake them us so they don’t have to cheer with Neo-Cons and globalists. He was not showing strength. The president made an enormous mistake and the consequences are heavy. He was deceived himself or purposely mislead the country and I am trying to keep an open mind about it and not give up on being a Trump supporter.