Chemtrails 3-15-18

Southern California, near Los Angeles All in the same few minutes in the morning. This is not normal. This is heavy metals and chemicals into the air that are being hushed by the government. They are mysterious but because of the dangerous chemicals it is probably affecting the health of people around the world in a negative and possibly a fatal way. It may be an idea of radical environmentalist scientists thinking they may be helping the atmosphere and protecting the ozone. It may also be part of weather manipulation. Environmental statistics can not be taken seriously while this goes on. These scientists are not Christian and do not care for the health and life of human beings because they are willing to compromise lives for the science of protecting our environment. It costs millions if not billions of dollars to spray around the world per year. Please pray that the people who spray this will stop the madness even if a large sum of money is offered to them. The pilots, the politicians and the scientists and anyone else involved in this experimentation will not escape the judgement of God.

After Jesus comes back and the wrath and tribulation happens, there will be a thousand years where people will be on the earth and Jesus will rule from Jerusalem before the last battle with Satan happens. All the experimentation and environmental poisons in the soil, air and water will be cleared and become clean again. Monsanto farmers and scientists and anyone related to them and the pharmaceutical companies are dabbling in witchcraft and harmful chemicals that destroy the earth. They will no longer be able to exist or get away with what they are doing and will be judged according to what they did to the earth and people for the love of money and false science.



Pepsi is a NWO Propaganda Company


r/ChristiansAwake2NWO had a great comment recently by Satori42:

John Francis Queeny was a member of the Knights of Malta and founder of both PepsiCo and Monsanto. Both are presumably still controlled by the KoM.

Roberta Achtenberg is Jesuit-educated and the cited leader of L.A.’s Black Lives Matter cause.

And gender (and now racial) dysphoria is a group-identification symbol for the Babylonians as it references both Inanna-Ishtar and the hermaphrodite / ‘god of wisdom, including magickal wisdom’ Hermes.

The Babylonians use “white” to represent supposed purity and “black” to indicate the opposite, though of course in their system they’re both admixed so there is no such purity there. Hence you’ll find dual-natured deities and even Rome has both a “white” and a “black” version of their variant of the “Madonna” figure, co-opted to represent the Babylonian “Queen of Heaven”, “Ishtar”/”Innana”.

The globalist / Babylonian scheme to manufacture public dissent and political outrage, as promoted by the Pepsi ad, is detailed here.

Don’t forget that Monsanto’s first product was aspartame, it was placed in Pepsi products and results in Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, such as Pepsi commercial actor Michael J. Fox who developed it after chugging Pepsi constantly.


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