I am a born again Bible believing Christians who is well aware of the NWO. I am female and not a pastor or trying to teach men. Most of the information on this website is posted from other websites.  It may contain opinions that may be controversial. If you would like to know what I believe as far as Christianity,

God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
The best English version is the King James Bible, all modern translations are Jesuit deceptions from hell
We will be raptured after the tribulation
Salvation is eternal and only through Jesus Christ not works
The church is the body of believers, also known as saints and born again bible believing Christians
All TBN preachers are fakes and so are mega church pastors
Catholic church is a cult with Jehovah’s Witness and Mormons
Christian Contemporary Music is worldly and commercial
501c3 churches are unequally yoked to the government


My views politically are not Republican. I am neither a Republican or Democrat. I don’t believe the two party system is helping anyone and they are both leaning left. I look at the issues and voting record. Most politicians are liars.

My views on the NWO is that it exists, it is intertwined with Illuminati, Luciferianism and Communism. I post to people who are aware of these already. If you don’t believe in it, you are free to believe what you want. World leaders and politicians are not hiding their goal of a New World Order. They openly talk about it.


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Dr. Scott Johnson is an excellent watchman to teach and warn Christians about the NWO. His Newsletters are similar to my Reddit posts but he puts them in a bundle email 2-4 times a month. Please add your email to his Current Events and Health Updates listing.



Leah H



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