What Can Countries Do To Prevent Islamic Extremism?

Liberals and Muslims don’t have a clue but there are solutions if you have common sense and I am sure you have some good ones as well. If only politicians would DO SOMETHING.

“No real solutions. Interfaith? puh leez. How about a ban of Sharia law and a ban for anyone wanting to come back to the UK if their passport shows travel to a particular country where they train soldiers? No more burkas to identify people. Only a hijab scarf. No international or terrorist flags. If they don’t like that, then they are free to go to another country. When they come to the country they need to be told about what is acceptable and what isn’t. The rape and violence charges need to be stronger and if they are here less than a year, they need to be deported. Mosques and family should go through citizenship classes if their children do anything wrong. They must take in 50% men and 50% women when bringing in Immigrants. What happened to the women, children and elderly? Did they just leave them to die in their own countries? Why do the men want to be safe while their family is unsafe? There’s too many Muslims from Muslim countries. The immigrants must also include other races including South African white people who are persecuted and Latin American countries like Venezuela where they are suffering starvation. Lower the rate too because it is out of hand. The British still need to be the dominate culture to continue their race as well. The multiculturalism is ruining Europe. Well, that is my rant and 2 cents. I know none of it will be done but at least I have better solutions that these people being interviewed.”

In addition to this comment that I made last night, European and Western cultures would be blessed if they became Christian again and I do not mean Roman Catholic or Orthodox but born again Bible-believing Christians.




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