Why Syrian Refugees Should Stay in the Middle East


Isn’t the president of Saudi going to make some safe zones because Trump asked him to? The refugees need to go back when ISIS is gone. Their refugee status will be temporary and they will be needed to rebuild Syria to go back to their beloved land. Isn’t there over 50 Muslim nations? None of them are taking in Refugees beside Lebanon and Turkey? Even those 2 seem like temporary settlements. Why not make a fund for people in the world to donate to in order that it be spent on their care for their temporary placement, security and medical services? There are wealthy people who could donate a substantial amount. Muslim groups should help them and send doctors to these temporary shelters. There are so many men. Perhaps they could spend their time making better shelters. The culture of the Syrians are so different than Americans. They are very oppressive towards women and do not like our country anyways. In this case, they would be better off in a Muslim country as they wait for a swift destruction of ISIS to clear out of their land so they can come back to their real home.


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