Sean Hannity Debates Jorge Ramos


I want to help Sean Hannity with this debate. I hope he reads this. Jorge Ramos is making correlation that is his own without real research. He tries to say that the amount of people who are here illegally are making the crime go down. He gives two different statistics and says this over and over making the assumption that the high influx of undocumented immigrants in the USA is related to the lowered crime rate during the same time. OK now if we use that type of logic then we can say that the increase of debt in the USA rose the same time and rate as the high influx of undocumented immigrants (illegal aliens). How about the high gun sales? Does that make a difference in the crime rates? It would have to be an official study to even mention such statistics but Jorge Ramos is blurting any two statistics he wants and says they relate.

Secondly he mentions this Guadalupe woman that is going viral among the liberal social media so that you feel sorry for these people and bash Trump for being uncompassionate. I have thought this a long time and keep waiting for people to say this. (I almost thought Hannity would finally say it!)  The people who came here illegally came here KNOWING they would be possibly DEPORTED. When they had children here, they knew that their legal status would be a possible deportation and they could be separated. This was NEVER A SURPRISE. I hope Guadalupe learned English here with all the free resources including free library programs to learn English. She should be glad she got free education and medical care for her children. She should be glad she was here for 23 years without being deported. Mind you that Mexico is not the worst country in the world.  Now she needs to go back and reunite with her family there and with asset of being bilingual, look for work there and be involved with helping make her own town a better place for her and her family. Her children should go back with her and see their roots and culture and learn to live in a new place. The same way the Mexicans come here and wave Mexican flags and protest here, the same should be done there and they should not be ashamed about living where they are. Mexicans like all different peoples of the world should have some pride in their culture, land, way of life and heritage.

If you want to come to the USA as an immigrant we welcome you to apply for citizenship. We want people to become Americans, learn our history, our language and to be proud of our flag, our official hymns, our heritage and our liberty to be free to worship, work, and speak freely without oppression.  We are not a perfect country and right now we are going through heavy debt and immigration problems. Let’s not make things worse.

Ultimately our future and prosperity is going to be the result of our love and obedience to God and if we have submitted to Him. We need to continue our work as Christians. I have a love for country but of course that is third in line. God first, family second and country third. And don’t forget the commandment to love our neighbor which is everyone we come across in our own lives. That never meant to be a rug to be trampled on. Jerusalem still had walls and Egypt was temporary. God bless, hope to see you all soon.





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