Where to Get Real News


What is happening in the news sphere is having a real revolution. It’s unbelievable and we are watching the drama happen as one oligarchy is dying and new sprouts of real journalism are popping up.  The mainstream media as we know it is finally coming to an end and doing all it can to survive. ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and even PBS are dying and we need to let them come to an end. They are nothing but propaganda mills for the left. The whole staff of the media networks are leftist news actors. They do not do research anymore. They have become actors with an agenda. They read from pre-approved scripts. They are getting exposed but there is too many people still connected to their spigot that need to be awakened. You are that alarm. You are that light. Let’s wake them up.

I am going to give suggestions and praise to some reporters and some news outlets and I really hope you will please check them out and start passing them around and remove yourself from mainstream media all together.  The switch is from TV, cable and newspapers to online blogs and video, podcasts and forums.  There are very few really good reporters from the old platforms but please go to both if anything because you will be able to know what is fake and what is not. As far as fake news, CNN is on the top of the list. CNN is fake news. Sorry if this bursts your bubble but they are nothing but leftist propaganda with an agenda to destroy the right and to mold minds to welcome everything that would benefit Democrats and globalists. They aim to be the main source of news in schools and colleges and they are twisting the minds of young students to embrace the technology and the revisionist history of a new era of leftist utopia thinking that they have been pushing for thousands if not hundreds of years with the help of the elite who are high level occultists such as Freemasons, Jesuits and Luciferians.

Bill Still, James Corbett and David Seaman are in a league of their own of great journalism. There are journalists who have been persecuted for putting real news out. There are fantastic reporters who have been shunned and censored by mainstream media. Please see Sharyl Attkisson, Ben Swann, Pamela Geller and Dennis Michael Lynch.  Great reporting with commentary would be Gary Franchi and Linc Austin. They really want to get the news out fast, accurately and professionally. You won’t miss the evening news with these guys. They are top of whatever is happening now. For audio, please check out Hagmann and Hagmann and also The Common Sense Show.

I like a Christian worldview and news and current events all wrapped together in one program.  Please see Jake Morphonios of End Times News , Run2Christ , L.A. Marzulli, Jason A and The Glazov Gang.  Please see Even At the Doors who has a British journalist that does documentaries and they are just spot on awesome. Please support all these independent journalists if you want to continue seeing their really great work. They work very hard and what they do is at the fraction of the cost of what you see now on television.  I personally do what I do for free.  I don’t do nearly as much as they do so please send them a bit of support in appreciation for their excellent coverage and work.

There are on scene journalists that are absolutely amazing because they put themselves in the lion’s den of  dangerous situations and some reporters will talk to real people without a script or being pre-approved for video recording.  Erick M, Mark Dice.

There is something called independent research Journalism which is the the most important type of journalism. The ones I am posting today are mostly independent journalism which is a journalist or a group that does their own research, videos, blogs, interviews, editing, etc. They are independent from mainstream media news corporations. This is where the media is turning to. They are the ones posting to popular or new or lesser known social media. I don’t want to admit it, but this real news is why Trump was chosen. People saw that Hillary was actually a criminal out to destroy America and our our Democratic Republic. They could not have seen this without real news. Fake news is permeating full force on the mainstream outlets of Television, Radio and Newspapers, Social Media and Magazines. The mainstream media (MSM) is what is keeping people in bondage and oppression and turning people into social justice warriors who are gender confused and angry and want criminals to lead them. We saw this in full force at the Women’s March January 21, 2017.  Here are some of the independent journalist sites to keep your mind from being turned to MK Ultra mush. Reality Calls , SGT Report, Elite NWO Agenda and Josh Tolley

For Spanish speakers, I am so amazed by Katecon2006 and SERVIMAT.

If you like reality TV, there are a few channels that are letting us see what goes on in Congress and the Senate with shorter clips that C-Span and I will tell you they are very interesting and sometimes entertaining. Please see 1791L , Scott Anthony

Please see the following blogs. Conservative TreehouseWe the Vigilant has a podcast that is wonderful and also puts out video. Please check them out.

As far as news websites, see WND, The New American and Breitbart. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to ZeroHedge and the Drudge Report .  They are absolutely spot on great and are the best alternative for mainstream news sites on the web.

I almost forgot to mention that health and science is part of fake news mill. Please check out Natural News, Geoengineeringwatch.org, Experimental Vaccines  and Dr. John Bergman.  A wealth of information comes from these but I also want to make it clear that I do not agree with any references to New Age practices which is something swarming many naturopathic type of websites.

There is a website called Tom Fernandez which is similar to mine but I think his is 100 times better. His feed is featured in the sidebar. I call myself a link pusher which we all need to do at least a little bit every day because unfortunately this is part of the spiritual battle. Share these important links. Please stop sharing mainstream links and instead share these alternative ones. Every time you see that a news station is posting false news, mention it in the comments and expose it. I am not a journalist or researcher or anything professional but sometimes I spot fake news very easily. They are so obvious, it is funny.

As far as world news, American world news is very bad. We hardly hear of anything about Africa, Australia, New Zealand or South America. It is very sad.  We get a sprinkle here and there but even that is drowned out and small. Some countries are getting ugly as far as censorship and if you want to watch my Twitter feed without even going to Twitter, please view it on the right sidebar.

For ones on the lighter and funnier side please see  Victoria Jackson and Alfonzo Rachel.

I don’t mind secular podcasts and vlogs as long as they are not out to bash Christians.  There are some really good ones to see that have blogs that I keep on my favorites bar because I want to see them every day! Please see The Daily Sheeple, Activist Post and SHTFplan.

If you want to listen to a really great podcast please go to Contending For Truth. It is a current events presentation from a Christian worldview. Dr. Scott Johnson has some really great studies and a good research bar and tools are on that site. On Sundays I like to post the sermons of my favorite pastors on Reddit. They talk about the New World Order and talk about things you will not hear about in a regular church. The churches are very lukewarm. It is difficult to find a good church. It is so bad that I feel that real churches are less than 3% of all churches.  If your church will not talk about the New World Order or has female pastors or mainly uses an NIV Bible or gives praise to the Catholic church…that is your hint that it is probably lukewarm.

Unfortunately I was unable to mention every single great source for news but I am posting the top ones for you. I keep finding new ones but I am still looking for some Asian ones and would love to see one from Australia and Africa if there are any.

As far as Social Media, be on all of them, new and popular. The reason we need to be everywhere is to wake people up. We get censored and people are trying to shut up real news to keep people in a bubble of left propaganda. They are not thinkers. They are really brainwashed lunatics. You saw what Soros paid for at the Women’s March. These people are godless followers. They have no shame and these will be the same people that turn into the new Sodom and Gomorrah and will take the mark of the beast gladly. They are the wicked generation that loves evil and immorality and calls it good and progressive while thinking they are doing good. It is the NWO of the anti-Christ. It loves these lost mind-controlled slaves of the left.


9 thoughts on “Where to Get Real News

  1. Good list, thank you. There are several on there I wasn’t aware of, will check them out. I also like John Haller, he has a weekly prophecy update on You Tube that comes out every Sunday. He is always a faithful source of news, he uses nonpartisan sources, info from the secular folks’ mouths about what their plans are, with a Biblical viewpoint. He has also referenced the Gatestone Institute as a good source of news about Islam. It is harder and harder to sort out what is real and what is not, it is sad to see so many people clinging to the false media as some bastion of truth.


    • thank you! I have posted several Gatestone posts….all very good. I forgot to post more Christian website and also health and science sites. Thank you for your suggestions. I just thought of a topic post this morning driving in the car. Hope you guys subscribe here on WordPress, Reddit or Twitter. 😀


  2. I forgot to add that I also really like Gonz Shimura and his Face Like the Sun You Tube channel. He does alot of carefully researched videos re: transhumanism, scientific developments towards the mark of the beast system, and the rapid spread of globalism. I listen to Dane Wigington with Geoengineering Watch pretty faithfully, although he does not have a Christian viewpoint and sometimes I sense a dire ecumenical message from him of “we all must join forces or die”. And Bob Mitchell https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjkZx8ouJVtxuIEFSbItFHA is great about news re: Israel, the Third Temple. And this guy, Jason A. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDATi9UrhqjfVNxIKNizOiQ Take care!


  3. Lol sorry to keep commenting up a storm….do you listen to Pastor Charles Lawson? I love that man, he exposes alot out there and has more unction as a preacher than you can shake a stick at. 🙂


    • Yes I do. I post up Pastor Charles Lawson sermons every Sunday on Reddit and Twitter. Here is a website page if anyone wants to listen or download sermons. http://pastorcharleslawson.org/sermons Thank you for mentioning him. There is more people I want to post on this blog post about Real News so I will add some more and often I find new ones so it might change week to week until I forget but it is a good starting point that leads to other channels.


      • Thank you, and yes I do follow your blog! I have one too, if you click on my name it should bring you there eventually if you’re interested. If not, let me know and I can post the link.


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