Regardless of What People Say, ISRAEL BELONGS TO THE JEWS

I have been seeing lots of hate of Israel and all the anti-semitic rhetoric that is being spewed out now that Obama is helping the UN split the land of Israel. If you are a Christian and your pastor is teaching you that the land belongs to the Palestinians or if your pastor is telling you that there will be peace if they allow a two state solution and give that land to the Palestinians….you are deceived. I am not even going to entertain those thoughts in the recent streams of videos I am getting. Even if they are from Christians or from independent researchers which I respect. No, this is not right for them to say or do or support. There is nothing Obama can do that is just and good. He is a Manchurian Candidate for the NWO. Do not side with Palestinians in dividing Israel. Do some research when Israel gave up Gaza. They are liars and spend their days training their children to hate Jews and to push propaganda. The Palestinians hate Jews and remove them from the land and allow more rockets and mortars to kill Jews. The Palestinians are run by Hamas! A terrorist group with ties to Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR here in the United States. While the world hates Christians and Jews and Israel, I hope you will not. There is revisionist history going on. The MSM is lying to you and under the radar for years they have been teaching the youth the lies about Israel. Israel is by no means perfect and there are many lost Jews, especially in the USA. They need Jesus as much as anyone does. Without Jesus they will die in their sins and receive eternal death. Only through the Son can we receive eternal life. Please do not get caught up in this web of lies.


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