Seeing #Pizzagate Everywhere


I have been watching the pizzagate videos and they are really shocking and at first, it scared me because I kept thinking I would get killed for it. Maybe I still am, I don’t know. The information is definately exposing a large pedophile ring.

Last night I was watching Dateline and 20/20 reruns as I usually do in the evenings and everything I watch now I see abramovic 1-itk0mmfj6elo67boleburwthrough different eyes because I have been woken up to realize this is going on in my own country!
Here is a recent show showing the murder of a girl named Annie. Notice she is beaten and looks like she has a cigarette burn on her forehead and she appears to be sodomized but the police detectives and the coroner brush it off and say she committed suicide. The mortuary where she was prepared says she doesn’t appear to look like she committed suicide but was a victim of a brutal assault and they do not agree with the coroner.  Also 2 of her body parts were missing…her brain and heart.  There is a part where an private investigator finds a person who saw the girl before she was killed and has a drawing of the woman (A person of interest). She just happens to look like the Occult ritual performance artist, Marina Abramovic. By the way, this was in Baltimore and she lives in Virginia which in the video says that is close the the D.C. Capital. If anyone wants to give the family the tip, go ahead…but I don’t want my email affiliated with any of it. Who can trust the FBI anymore after the mess that Comey made?


Here is another show I watched on the same day. This is all so creepy with everything I am learning about the Illuminati, secret societies, pedophiles in Washington D.C and everything from Wiki-leaks and the things I post in Reddit and Twitter….subscribe if you want to see more.  This one is just as creepy but it has these two 12 year old girls who plan a murder of one of their best friends in order to please a fictional horror online character named slenderman.  I know there are different kinds of sightings of him and there is even a video game of him. I heard about him before not knowing his name because I was looking at a video of school girls who all had the same dream of a tall man who wanted to kill them. It was a mass hysteria thing….this was from a few months ago. I am telling this all from memory. I will look it up and link it. The part of the video I am putting up is one of the girls who stabbed her 19 times has a brother who is a transgender boy. He is wearing a black dress with black fingernails and the reporter refers to him as a female. I was thinking about that household…it may be that their home may have demons influencing them because a 12 year old stabbed her friend to please a murderer and her brother is a confused homosexual.

comet-ping-pong-child-tapedThe night before last I was looking at the videos about Madeleine McCann because I wanted to see about those police sketches of people of interest. This is real, I did see them in old videos. I really never looked into it but there were SO MANY videos on this kidnapping. I couldn’t see them all but I found interesting was that the interview and footage of the mother reminded me of the fake mourning of the parents from Sandy Hook. Her eyes were white, not bloodshot from crying and she did not look like a mother with a missing child. There are many theories on this but personally I think something worse than what was told the press is going on. She is a very pretty woman and so are her friends who were all on this vacation with their children and they left the children at home while they dined across the street. She happens to look like the same child from Comet Ping Pong that was taped to the table.

Just this evening I saw another interesting video…. I am sure I will see more like these tonight and from now on. All relating to Luciferian occult rituals, secret pedophilia language and symbols and demonic possession and influence in society which we didn’t notice before.


Abramovic and Lady Gaga

Marina Abromovic and Lady Gaga eat a cake that looks like a dead body. This is considered art and I have no idea or want to know what it tastes like. Blood?



Debbie Harry and Marina Abramovic eat a cake that looks like a dead naked woman.


Abramovic sick art


4 thoughts on “Seeing #Pizzagate Everywhere

    • oh my, I didn’t even notice. I label the videos on the NWO Movies page but not on the blog posts. Reality Calls videos are having trouble right now being banned. I don’t remember which video, I think it is one of hers. There are so many pizzagate videos! I keep posting them on Reddit and Twitter. I will have to look for another to replace this one. ty for pointing that out.


  1. humans interpreting religion and believing what they want to believe is what is wrong with the world. Love and Only Love should be the Global religion. i am sure it is at the base of all religions, but humans with their minds turn it to suit their own personal beliefs and not what is for the good of all concerned.


    • This human, me, has a Christian worldview and Jesus is my Lord and Savior. As the world deteriorates and the prophetic truth of God’s word come into fruition, it will all be evident as it is now that the Bible is true and we will all be judged by a Holy God who has given us a way to know the Truth. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. The good of all human kind and the religion of love looks great but it is subjective and relative to whomever can define their version of love. Self-centeredness. pedophilia and homosexuality are thought of as a form of love but that doesn’t make it so.
      You can believe as you want but this blog does not hold your view of religion. Religion is not the answer, Jesus is the answer. There is only one way to God and heaven and that is by Jesus Christ. I hope you will read the New Testament and see for yourself and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. There are plenty of religions out there and views that are being circulated as being good and peaceful and some center around self but they are all vanity and go no where. God sets the standards of what is good. Common sense has its place and is needed always but common sense is not my religion. God is love.


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