To Liberals Who are Still Angry, Confused and Scared


To Liberals: The media lied to you for months and they are still lying to you. They are saying a lot of lies about Trump to get you to think he is a racist monster that will destroy the country and kill gays. Not true. Obama has been destroying this country for 8 years and is still doing it. Wake up! Shut off the TV. Most of the hate and violence is from the left. This is mass hysteria on the nation perpetuated by the media and they are continuing to do so that you protest instead of get a degree and make a decent living. They want you to hurt people and destroy property. Soros who funds this was a NAZI. Hillary has been corrupt and in controversy for a long time. Watch these videos and see that it is an act of mercy from a holy God that Hillary is not president. I don’t hate you or wish any harm on you. You need deprogramming because you have been brainwashed for 6 months. I am totally serious. Please shut off the TV and go to main stream media and liberal sites to detox from lies. No Buzzfeed, Huffington Post,  MSNBC or CNN….not even FOX is safe. People who were not focused on mainstream media were not under this brainwashing and Trump’s victory was not a shock. We were praying for you and will still pay for you. I know you are in an angry phase. We went through it too in 2008 and 2012 but we did not act like the people are today. Please pray and read your Bible for real reality and know what the real focus and purpose for your life is.



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