Stephen Hawking Hoax


Would a man who is really talking through a computer really have that 1980’s tech voice even though he could speak in a voice like his original voice? Think about that. I know this makes people really upset especially those are being influenced and taught by his teachings. Please know that it is easy for him to be manipulated by someone behind the screens to answer for him.

Stephen Hawking is being victimized by handlers keeping him drugged up. He tries to escape and is being taken care of very poorly as his teeth rot out of his mouth.  Keep an open mind and see that he is not really the one making these occasional speeches.


One thought on “Stephen Hawking Hoax

  1. I have felt that none of it made any sense for a longtime. Why is Stephen Hawkibg still alive and why doesnt anyone else have the magical speaking wheelchair? My eyes were opened after 9/11, because of all the horrible things I learned of 9/11. Since then I see everything differently. From the AIDS lie to the moon landings, from the “elites” AKA international bankers to globalism, I see it all and differently. I am part of Generation X and they claim that this generation distrusts government the most. Well the past 17 years helped me to have even more distrust. Stephen Hawking was literally a prop on a mechanical wheelchair with people behind the scenes on the keyboard advancing the narrative. That the Earth is a globe and we are but a tiny insignificant speck in an infinite universe created by evolution, with no God.

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