Van Jones Exposed


In case people don’t remember, Van Jones as well as many other questionable people that Obama hired in 2009 for his new Obama administration when first elected to office in 2008 was considered a “green czar”. He was found out to be a communist and had resigned after being exposed. It is interesting to see the old footage and to see the people who were involved during that time. It is the same players 8 years later. I also want to point out that Van Jones was often on TV crying racism and promoting Hillary on prominent news channels. This makes the media guilty for supporting his radical views as if they never existed hoping people would forget about his communist past. He is used as a propaganda tool and is the new face of race-baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. He realizes that it makes money and works to change the views of America. He is not an idiot and this is how he is working to turn the youth into social justice warriors for left causes.

I always thought he was very handsome and it reminds me of the intrigue of John F Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in that some of their votes and attention were also do to their aesthetic appeal. When I first voted for president, I was going to an art school in Los Angeles. I was left leaning and did not understand politics very much. I voted for Bill Clinton because he was handsome and could play the saxophone. I was a Democrat that was for abortion and very vocal as college students are. Things completely changed after I got married and had children and had a career and started to understand what politics were about and how they affected me and the country. Oh my, I do not think people should be allowed to vote unless they are a little older now. How far will Van Jones go politically or in the media just by his smooth sounding words and handsome face?



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