Powerful and Important Sermons After the Trump Win


These are really good sermons and I hope you download them and listen to them carefully and hear what these pastors have to say after Election Tuesday November 8. Keep praying for America. Don’t stop. I will put some personal comments on the bottom of the page.


Sermon Audio: Pastor Joey Faust – November 13, 2016 “Post-Victory Dangers! Jezabel Rebounds!” (Audio)


Contending for Truth: Dr. Scott Johnson, Post-Election Bible Study November 11, 2016 (Audio)


We had a silent celebration Tuesday night here near Los Angeles. We had to be very quiet and not even give a scream, a hurrah or even clap. We were very quiet as we saw that Trump had won. We didn’t want our liberal neighbors to know and take it out on us. A lot of liberals were very angry as well as crying as if their family member died. You didn’t see them cry like that over hundreds of thousands of aborted babies or for Christians and Yazidis being raped and tortured in Syria but you saw them cry like the North Koreans did when Kim Jong-il died in 2011. I wrote about that if you want to see.  We were quiet while they were freaking out. I know people have so many reasons why Trump won including black Trump leaders, the Amish, Social Media, the issues, The Tea Party, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Patriots and GOP and others and they all really did help but the number one reason will always be and was and is that God did a miracle. He gets the glory above all else.

The next day I did see that Pastor Sam Adams and Pastor Jason Cooley did sermons but I did not want to look at them. They are wonderful preachers but I knew they didn’t care about Donald Trump. Constantly they said he was a Jesuit plant and were very angry. I know about how Trump has Jesuit and iffy connections but we really did pray to God with fasting and we knew that we would still do better under Trump as Christians. These pastors were not telling their congregation to fast or pray or pray for Trump afterwards and that is an indication they really don’t believe in miracles and that God can raise up a man from even New York to be a good leader. Hopefully for 4 years we have more time with laws that will not persecute us. Of course we know we aren’t going to continue without more battles and prayer. We have a little more time to bring people to Christ and make a difference and to really get closer to God and know His will. We got a little longer. I was very upset when he met with Kissinger. I got kicked out of r/The_Donald subreddit community and a threw a fit at home and I couldn’t stop the steam coming out of my ears for days. Everyone knows he isn’t perfect and I am not sure he is even a Christian but I know he is not a reprobate like Hillary. I had no idea what was going to happen but I knew Christians were praying that Hillary who is a Jezabel lose this election. Hillary cried for hours and she didn’t even have a speech to concede the race to Trump. No one expected Trump to win even though there was rampant fraud and the media was lying and celebrities and musicians were really pushing hard to ensure that Hillary was in the White House. Obama even encouraged illegals to vote. There was no push for a recount because everyone would know that there was a lot of fraud in this election. This was an act of God, hands down! All glory to Him! Halleluia!

If you want to start hating him before he even does anything, I don’t want to hear about it. If you want to start preaching against Trump, I don’t want to hear it. These Anti-Trump preachers didn’t vote or believe God could hear the church and be merciful to us for at least a little longer. We see Trump as a Cyrus king who could help the USA. Instead you are already defeated, angry and bitter. You are preaching a downer message of zero hope. You are doing the same thing these crazy liberals are doing. Christians and Trump have a tough road ahead of him. We all have work to do in protecting him and doing our part to support these vital changes he is going to make helping us redeem a little time and to help the youth who have been brainwashed for years. Instead of complaining and backbiting, help out!  Right now you need to pray to God for guidance and see if you are walking with Him or just going your own direction and tell your listening audience that you are sorry for being so bitter and you will pray for Trump.

Something else I want to point out is that the days of Lot and Noah are close and may already be here. Go read about the men of Sodom and compare them to the men that rioted against Trump and still are. It is the same hate and pride. It is the same demonic influence that would cause the same violence and you know what…. these people are going to be judged like Sodom and may even be worse. I never thought things could get so ugly but the possibility of people raping others on the street without being put in jail as in the time of Sodom before they were destroyed is going to happen quicker than you think.  I pray that at least a few realize how sick and disgusting and wrong it is and get out and repent. Christians can have that influence if you pray and not be silent and compromise.

God does things on purpose and His will is that Trump was elected president. There are all sorts of neo-Cons, Jesuits and 2 faced traitors that will enter his administration. We need to pray against them. We need to expose them. If you have social media, you have the ability to expose these people for who they are. They will keep popping up like a Whack-a-mo gopher/mole. The battle has just begun and we need to be strong for what is coming. The days will get darker as Christians become more and more hated for our good honest and wholesome views which will be thought of as bigotry and hateful liberals who already started to make what is evil as good and what is good as evil. They won’t stop and they will increase because Satan knows his time is almost up. He wants to see us hurt, persecuted, hated, destroyed and ultimately killed and his minions will think they are doing mankind a good deed. They worship nature as lovers of the world and will allow people to become poor and destroyed morally and physically with income equality, racism, homosexuality, Jihad and communism. They will worship their leaders and give they life to them. They will accept the mark of the beast, gladly. Keep being vigilant Christians. Remember that you serve a Holy God that is stronger and bigger than they are and even if they kill your flesh you will not be utterly destroyed because in a blink of an eye we will soon be with the Lord and have eternal life. Praise God.


I love you all,

God bless.






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