How To Avoid College Debt and Avoid Becoming A SJW

Here is how your high school kids that will graduate high school in the next year or years can avoid college debt and becoming left leaning Social Justice Warrior and gain career skills all at the same time!



The problem is that the colleges and universities are being used as brainwashing, propaganda centers that train young adults to protest, cry racism, act like snowflakes, accept Marxism, Communism, Humanism and Socialism to turn the world into a globalist NWO. This is training ground funded by elites, globalists and the left. The religion is earth worship so that people believe that saving the planet is more important than the lives of people. This trains them to accept genocide and eugenics as a necessary tool to benefit “Mother Earth”. Colleges are now political psychological experiment machines shaping the minds of people to radical ideas rather than the career education they are supposed to be there for. The riots going on are an example of this training but we see it for other situations as well.


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