LAPD Officer Beaten by Anti-Trump Protestors


Updated and corrected 11-13-16

Last night an LAPD officer was beaten at the anti-Trump protest march in downtown Los Angeles November 11, 2016.

The officer was attacked last night by the anti-Trump crowd in downtown Los Angeles after he tried to tell them not to vandalize a building. His pistol was stolen and he was beaten with handcuffs by a woman who is now in custody.

Mainstream media DOES NOT want you to know what is going on because only a small amount of news is on it and is mostly local.  There were more than 200 arrests.

Los Angeles Officer Beaten With Handcuffs, Had Gun Stolen At Anti-Trump Riot

Police: Trump Protester Assaulted Officer With Handcuffs

The vandal, Jorge Suarez, initially escaped but was captured a short time later. Natalie Araujo is the female who started the assault, and she is being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. –

NOTE: I was listening to radio station KNX 1070 in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon 11-11-16 when I first heard about this story and it was told that they LAPD officer was a woman. After a day of waiting to see if there was more information, the above links were found. The story on the links says it was a man, not a woman. I am unsure what story is correct but the Los Angeles Times hopefully checked their sources. Please let me know if you find another credible source that has different information. Thanks.  – Leah


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