Hillary Supporters are Revealing Psychological Brainwashing


When we first started seeing the reactions of these people we were kind of shocked and we couldn’t help but laugh at them because they were so animated and exaggerated. I tried not to laugh because I don’t want to laugh at the defeat of others but it is way out there and crazy what we are seeing. We are now seeing this getting violent and I am not laughing anymore. As I see these people go nuts and call for the death of Trump, in all sincerity, I am feeling sorry for them. The newsbrave-new-world-indoctrination channels are so dull and repetitive right now going over the reason for Trump’s win and why they couldn’t see it. We knew because we have been watching our news online and the polls were not matching up to the polls on TV. We have seen a push of  mainstream news media, celebrities, minority groups, musicians and college students
giving a different narrative that was not only anti-Trump but was leaving out news from Wiki-Leaks and calling it conspiracy theories. As much information was coming out and drastically bold evidence that Hillary was involved in the occult, fraud, lying, racism, pedophilia, adultery and even murder….the left did not want to hear it or look into it. They still don’t. They are angry to the point that they will hurt you or accuse you and even ruin your reputation.

The reason they are acting this way is the same way the North Koreans acted so nutty and exaggerated when Kim Jong-il died in 2011 is that they have been brainwashed with psychological means for years since they were children until they became a cult with liberal views. It sounds crazy, I know, but please look into political cults especially North Korea and look into the children of Palestinian Territory to see how they were raised and what they had been told since they were children. Through symbols and images and liberal teachers and parents, they have been raised to have a certain philosophy. They claim to be free-thinkers but they have been brought up and trained to act that way.

Just like the people who were part of the Monarch Butterfly Program experiments after WWII, these children have been taught by humanist teachers and secular entertainers to reject Christianity. Just like in the book, 1984, they are taught to reject the obvious and go with what they were trained to believe. Two plus two is not four, it’s five. Even if you give them evidence, they have been trained to give a counter-excuse to keep them from accepting the truth. It is trading sweet for bitter and light for dark and they can’t see it. They are told that they are animals and can be any sex they want from when they are small.

Their reactions are not normal. In 2008 I was upset that Obama was president yet I didn’t go out and destroy buildings. I didn’t go wave a Mexican flag and burn an American flag.  We are looking at these people go beyond the norm in these reactions.  This is a spiritual battle. We have four years to try and help these psychologically ruined people so they can be strong again. They were lied to for years and they just can’t understand what the truth is. The media and school professors and teachers have failed them. They don’t understand what is going on. Please pray for them and let’s figure out a way we can deprogram them in love.





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