Take Europe’s Tourist Business


Europe as we once knew it and remember it is finished. It is dangerous has been overrun by Muslim invaders who pretend to be refugees. Their tourism is going down and people no longer go there to see the beauty of the country. Their culture has been replaced with another and the white people are ashamed of who they are. Christianity has left and they have returned to their pagan roots thinking that is their heritage that they need to remember and restore. What needs to be restored is their Christian heritage. This is an idea for investors, persecuted Europeans, homeschoolers in Europe who have been threatened with having their children taken away.  This is an idea who love history and want to open a small shop for an honest living apart from the “smart grid” living of Agenda 21 that is choking us with regulations and taking away all our desires to be independent of the government. Trump is going to give us an opportunity to bring jobs and businesses into our towns. Here is how you can transform your town from dreary corruption to a busy tourist town or transform your small little town into a colony made to preserve the European heritage.

Imagine a tourist attraction of a small Christian German town or a Swedish Christian village on a small man made lake that is very beautiful. You will think you have gone back in time 100 years ago. No Walmart but small shops. No supermarkets or Target or department stores but a produce market, a butcher shop, fabric and yarn shop, shoe emporium, tailor, etc.  Think of a specialized resort with boutique homes and small cottages with organic only german-clothingfarming and produce. Imagine getting raw milk from cows and goats and having fresh eggs for breakfast.  People who want to visit Europe will choose to visit these cute and quaint villages instead.  It will not be taken over by progressive feminists. The men will look and act like men and the women will look and act like women. Even if a few are gay, they will not look butch or look like they are gender confused because this is a theme park type of European atmosphere that is historical and traditional.  Everyone who works there wears a costume to fit this certain look and time period.  You can go to a French cafe and order French cuisine in the French language. Everyone is bilingual and is or looks and speaks like they come from that country. This will also be a great place for students and children to come and research.  It will take the tourism business from Europe. There will be no need to visit that hell hole anymore. Europe is lost and dead. This is a way to bring the tourism of Europe to the USA. Not like Disneyland but more of a historical society program to teach and enjoy the atmosphere.


Think of shopping at a local outdoor atmosphere. Things are NOT packaged with plastic film. Most of the produce and items will be produced, made and manufactured in that very town bringing in jobs to the local residents. It can not be close to a large city but in the middle of nowhere so that the people who work there, also live there and are not dependent on the government or the larger city. Water is from the well and no fracking or toxic factories will be near it to contaminate the water and soil. Even livestock will enjoy the non-GMO feed. Cows should not be eating corn anyways. Cows eat regular grass. Organic farms only since GMO farms like to sue their non GMO neighbors.

Another way is to make colonies. Imagine German and Swedish Christian homeschoolers that german-koo-koo-clockwant to preserve their heritage by researching and restoring old customs and research on textiles and art. The patterns and colors that are unique to their countries. The staple food and cuisine that is unique. The language and the costume and the customs. Like the Amish, there could be colony neighborhoods. Unlike the Islamic colonies, they will speak English fluently and will not promote violence or pedophilia.

Allow them to make cultural neighborhoods to be treated as an endangered people to preserve their heritage, people, race and culture in a small colony. While the progressive world is hating Christianity and European white people, we will promote their ability to be proud of who they are and their rich history and civilization. It will not be out of place for them to speak in their own mother tongue or to wear the same kind of clothes their great grandparents wore. This is the community of people being persecuted in Europe today as they see their country being destroyed. This will be a refuge and preservation of their people. The surrounding towns must be willing to help and protect them. Annual festivals will bring tourism and appreciation of their folk art and workmanship from quilts to watches to handmade furniture. I am not saying they have to be totally separate from modern society but it is going to be a pleasure to unplug from the evasiveness of Agenda 21 and HUD and everything that is over regulating the country for the sake of fake global warming science.



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