Media is STILL Lying to You


I am going to get this post out as quick as possible as people are watching their morning news. Last night I saw the freeway filled with Trump “protestors” where cars should be. Downtown Los Angeles is confusing but it is the 101 underpass in the middle of downtown where all the murals that are on the sides which have decorated the freeway since the 1984 Olympics. It is where all the homeless line their tents at night. (An increasing thing here.) Anyways I see that the brainwashed Hillary supporters are there protesting. I guess they don’t have jobs or they are skipping school to come here and behave like out of control animals. I was upset in 2008 when Obama became president. I thought the world was over when that happened and I was very then too. Since then I never called Obama my president either. But the left has their own way of expressing things because they have been taught how to react the wrong way for everything and are coddled and even paid for bad behavior.

The media is a major player in this mess. We all knew that the press was lying to us about the polls. We saw tens of thousands at the Trump rallies and low turn outs for Hillary. The press knew about this and said nothing and actually tried to hide it. For the past two days the media has been constantly going with the theme, “How did we get the polls wrong?” It is really getting old and they still won’t tell the truth. We knew they were asking people in the poll questions in an unbalanced percentage. I am sure everyone saw the Bill Still reports that did not reflect what was going on in the news. Not only that….I saw FOX news bring on mostly pro-Hillary supporters to interview. We all saw the CNN cutting off the stream and avoiding the right.  Megyn Kelly was actually pretending to be conservative while pushing Hillary and bringing on pro-Hillary guests. It was making all the Republican Trump supporters angry and for weeks we were wanting Megyn Kelly to quit or be fired for her bias and fake conservative demeanor. Don’t forget that Rupert Murdoch, an elite globalist with the rest of them, owns FOX News and what we see on TV is not all true, especially if you watch CNN or MSNBC.  Most of the mainstream media reporters ARE Hillary supporters.

Before I even started to write this post I saw a post about a Trump tweet saying that Trump wanted Trey Gowdy for Attorney General. I have Trump on Twitter but this is before I checked the tweets this morning. My father who was watching FOX did not know about this. So the news on TV doesn’t know or is not fast enough? Or is it that they are not reporting certain things? Let’s see how long it takes for them to put out that news.

You know what, my son who goes to high school says that everyday one of his teachers puts on CNN for them to get news. I remember when my teachers did that too but they wanted us not only to watch the evening news but read the newspaper. This is in the 80’s before the internet. Students get their news from these sites and are not being told the truth.  The news media is to blame for the misinformation we are getting. What ever happened to the story of the homeless woman who was attacked by Hillary supporters? That was NEVER on TV. It went viral so I am sure the news media could have put this on TV but they didn’t. By the way, she got $30,000 from Trump and GoFundMe. I don’t assume she is homeless anymore.

I blame also the colleges because the colleges have mostly liberal professors and they are far more radical than the media. The college students are the ones rioting and doing their out of control protesting in the streets. They are being taught how to be feminists and Marxists. They are social justice warriors who are not being prepared for the work force. They don’t care about their education or they would be in class right now. Colleges promote the students to continually and constantly be protesting. They are mentally immature and unprepared for the work force. Who is paying for their college that they are doing this all the time.  They must be on loans or getting free education because they are using the race card and they couldn’t do it from their own merits. This helps them to cry about race also.

My classes were about $1000 each in the early 90’s for college. I am afraid to know what it is now. Remember the students from Emory College who were traumatized and crying for safety from the “Trump 2016” jots in chalk? That is beyond being a baby. They were protesting with signs over that. Ridiculous, I know, but that is the kind of influence they have in colleges.

Anyway, I do hear helicopters and sirens and I will ad to this post as I get more information or remember something else. Shut off the TV and get a reliable news source. Please check out the CA2NWO links on Reddit or Twitter where I do the work for you but I hope you find your favorite news sources that are NOT on TV.


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