The Battle Is Not Over And We Have A Lot To Do


We are all very happy this morning. Last night there were riots around the country and I wasn’t sure if it would be worse when I woke up this morning.

World War III was stopped. All the illegals are upset. Trump was constantly attacked by celebrities, by politicians, by college students, by Hillary supporters, by the elite and just about anyone in power. They tried to keep the large Trump rallies a secret and they tried to keep the low turnout of Hillary rallies under wraps. We stopped the crazy Jesuit Tim Kaine and Huma Abedin from infiltrating the White House with racists and terrorist plants. We kept Muslim Brotherhood from flourishing in the country.  Not long ago, Obama was telling an illegal alien that she could vote in the election. The media was against Trump and Telemundo pushing lies and promoting Hillary all day and night. Hillary spent about 2 billion dollars in this race. She was backed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Wealthy progressive globalists like Soros were backing her and deport-thispaying Black Lives Matter to help the cause. The amount of enemies were enormous. But God had the last say. God heard our prayers and God put whom HE wanted in that position of the 45th president of the United States.

For eight years we have endured the progressive Marxist leader who never really proved he was born in the United States because the Birth Certificate presented was digitally incorrect. No one wanted to hear about it. People got upset when you even mentioned it. We endured a lot with the Socialist Obamacare that failed. We endured a lot with this push for abortion on demand at tax payer expense. Progressives even made it legal to get abortionhomeless-woman-being-bullied-in-hollywoods without telling their parents and they wanted abortions in the 3rd trimester. They were allowing hundreds of thousands of murders to happen without women realizing what they were doing and even when they did those women were very mean and rude and proud of killing their children for convenience. We endured a lot of push for people to shut up about their Christian views.  We saw the promotion of Islam at the expense of many Christians dying and being raped around the world.  We saw a homeless woman being bullied by illegals because of her views.

It is not over and now we can not rest or let down our guard. For eight trump-in-chalkyears and more, progressive college professors have been promoting students to become Social Justice Warriors and pansy snowflakes that couldn’t even take the word “Trump” in chalk without crying and being physically ill. Our government has promoted and supported Black Lives Matter which has been a racist

Emory Students traumatized over Trump Writing in Chalk

Emory Students traumatized over Trump Writing in Chalk

group that are guilty of all the things they complain about and have become violent thugs in the street calling for the death of police officers. There have been senseless deaths because of them. People are crying and upset now still believing the lies of MSM while their favorite people do all the things that they accused Trump of doing. They are all brainwashed by the heavy propaganda they have been eating for years since they were children and babies.

They are still going to push their agenda. They are going to be angry and try to get revenge. They are not going to be calm and happy about the civil war we just won in America. Now is the time to start influencing people. The culture war will not be over and we are still in end times. Right now you have an opportunity to be influential. They consider you to be bigots and haters. They still want to tote their rainbow flags and have pride in their sins and decadence. They still want to work with Jesuits within the church to unite as an ecumenical one world religion including Islam and Hinduism as a united religion. They still want Freemasonry to influence the world and to unite countries to become a global New World Order. They still want to hate Christians and demonize guns and the Bible. They still want us to conform to their progressive agenda.

Now is the time to use the last freedoms we have to influence the youth and culture. I hope the celebrities who threatened to leave America go live somewhere else as promised.  They want to live in a Socialist, immoral place where they can be free to cuss and be naked and pierced and immoral to their heart’s delight and have the wealthy and middle class pay for it as they give their freedoms away. They want to be progressive feminists who have no limits to their immorality. They want tcelebs-threatening-to-leaveo let Islam take over their country as they believe they are helping refugees fleeing war torn countries when in reality it is mostly men of fighting age who have made a new rape culture and have not assimilated. Let them leave…. America will be a fraction less ignorant, hateful, immoral and spiteful. I don’t think we will be affected negatively if Whoopi Goldberg, Cher, Miley Cirus, Al Sharpton or Raven Simone leave. Let them leave. America will actually be better off.  Let all the progressive people who want to leave the United States leave. It will not affect this country in the least. I hope some better celebs that have more class, morals and a better influence on society take their place in America. The youth need better role models than the awful influence of the people who threaten to leave.  We don’t hate people as Christians we don’t wish people harm but we sure can tell who is a bad influence and who is ruining the youth of today. Please take Beyonce and Jay-Z with you.

Bring as many people to Christ as you can and let preachers preach in the streets and thump their Bibles. They are doing God’s work even if demons hate it and make unbelievers who are filled with demons to get wild and scream and act like crazy people in the streets. Demons and demon infested people hate the message of the cross and even street-preacherwill get violent and very vocal about it. Let our first amendment rights be practiced without fear. Let us draw away from mainstream media which has proven itself to be biased.  Alternative media is where the real news is. We need to break down these big corporations that make money from advertisement and get their money from progressive influenced CEOs. Let them fail. Stop watching them and go to alternative media and support them. Let the NFL and NBA fail. Let Starbucks, Target, Walmart and Wells Fargo fail. Let the smaller ones take over.  Let the megachurches end. Let TBN and Daystar and Catholic superstars fail….let the smaller, conservative born again preachers who are not afraid to speak against homosexuality, feminism and socialism have their say in the public.

There is so much to do. I can think of at least a dozen things more right now to keep going with and we will continue to talk about it. Most importantly pray for Trump and Pence and their families and the whole government. It is not over and I am sure the secret societies of the elite will demand that Trump be a puppet or they will torture and murder their families. God is able to protect them. God has allowed a new Cyrus as president and we need to continually pray for him as well as everything else because the spiritual battle is not over. We still have a lot to do.

God bless you,




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