Janet Reno Who Just Died Was Part of NWO False Flags


I remember Janet Reno as being a very tall woman (over six feet tall) who looked like a man in a dress.  Her hair was cut like a man’s haircut.  Will Ferrell would wear a dress to mock her in skits.  She was part of the Waco Siege, Oklahoma Bombing, World Trade Center Bombing in 1993 and also part of the Monica Lewinsky trials , Vince Foster and White Water. She could have repented and told the American people about all the false flags and murders by the government but she didn’t so it looks like she went to hell early this morning.

Women and children murdered in Waco standoff that Janet Reno approved and allowed. Hillary was involved!


Janet Reno did not do a true investigation into the Oklahoma Bombing and blamed all on Timothy McVeigh who was sentenced to death. The damage to the building was far more than what McVeigh brought with him that day and was a patsy to the catastrophe.


Janet Reno painted Christians as cultists and terrorists. This has been pushed for years. Janet Napolitano who was head of Department of Homeland Security also painted Christians and Veterans as terrorists. She was also obviously unfeminine and looked like a male.



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