Local City Elections 2016 Pushing Agenda 21 Socialism


I am an average person and I don’t have a degree in economics or political science so while I do have common sense I am able to figure out a thing or two.

Right now, the people who would like to go to the polls next Tuesday are looking to see who they will vote for. I am in California. We are a liberal state and if you ever watch Mark Dice who often asks questions of people off the street, you will see that much of the state is dumbed down and ignorant. For those not buying the nonsense of main stream media, drinking fluoridated water and filled with distractions of sports, music and TV, you might be very helpful at the polls.

On Google or any search engine, type in your city and state and “2016 elections” and you will probably get the the city electoral candidate statements. If you see language such as “smart growth”, this is about Agenda 21 UN garbage. If you see terms like “vote green“, this also is Agenda 21 UN garbage. They will put fake environment problems over the life of humans. Most of the environmental spills and toxic spraying and chemicals in the water and spraying toxic agenda-21-citychemicals on the soil, etc are done by the government and companies that are mainly paid by the government. If you see terms like “taxing the rich”….this is wealth distribution. This is Socialism which has NEVER worked and leads to communism. It brings dependency on the government and eliminates the desire to work hard and be entrepreneurs.  Ultimately it destroys the middle class and destroys the American dream of owning a home with 2 cars and having a business and climbing up the ladder to be a success. It makes the wealthy more wealthy and the poor even poorer. Look at Venezuela. They are the result of the type of Socialism the our country is headed too.

Other UN Agenda keywords to run from are “sustainability” and “income equality”. If a candidate proudly mentions these, it may sound great but it is to take more money away from the city without saving, without budget, without keeping existing laws about illegal immigration and punishing the American taxpayers and putting them in over-priced programs. For example, the sunshine is free but the electric company tries to be part of the free energy and solar businesses making something free and inexpensive to be over-regulated and expensive and line the pockets of the government. If it were simple and easy, we would all have solar energy and get off the grid.

Making our city environmentally friendly is great. Everyone knows I am a recycling nut in this house. We don’t waste anything in my family. The modern family loves to do what they can to keep the city clean, beautiful and safe but what the government version means is more taxes, less rights, more Socialism, racism and regulation. It is a push for a globalist one world government and one world religion that makes Mother Earth as a goddess and people as disposable animal creatures that need to be depopulated. It turns people into trans-humanist objects. It is the life of the “Brave New World” and George Orwell’s “1984“. It is an evil world based on a false humanist god of environmentalism at the expense of human life.

Some look at Sweden as an example but they are quickly becoming 3rd world and losing their heritage with a low birth rate over populated with Muslims who hate them and want to bring it to Sharia law. Islam kills countries, not just by their religion but their political ideological views. Eventually Islam becomes dominant and demanding and take over as their numbers increase in a country and the liberals buy the “religion of peace” lie. It is a silent jihad. Sweden will soon be out of money and their economy will soon burst like all the economies that are welcoming Islam and progressive left ideologies. Feminism, evolution and LGBT agendas also ruin a country. All of these things are all stemming from a falling away from Christianity. And no, not everyone who says they are Christian are Christian. Don’t trust Freemasons, Jesuits, female and gay clergy because these are also part of the political influence of lies coming from the left.


Vote for Angela Valles for San Bernardino County Supervisor


If you want to help your state, encourage the deportation of illegals and those that overstay their VISAs. Look for programs that reduce welfare programs and promote work programs. Make small business easier with less paperwork. Invite churches be involved in assimilation and free English classes. Remove all official paperwork in non-English languages. Remove minority labels of which races are a minority because there are white people who are now the minorities. All signs must be in English as the main sign and other languages in a smaller font. If that place of business is unwelcoming to a certain race or races, it should be noted publically and fined. We are in the USA and making divisive communities is not right. Being bilingual or multilingual is good but English is the first and main language of this country and will unite different people in a mixed community.

Our cities are over-regulated. Churches can not help the homeless or feed them without being fined. In my town we can not have a front yard sale or a canopy for our cars in the driveway or our own backyards. We can not park overnight on our own streets. Local citizens are remortgaging their homes because of the massive amounts of property tax. Nothing is left to their children and jobs are part time so there is no saving for retirement anymore unless you have a cushy government job. Rent is so high for small businesses that the stores are there for a few months and then they leave. Only the ones connected to the elite and Freemasons are still there. There is so much control over our city that we can not do anything as if we are in a communist country.





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