Technological Warfare Hits Home – My Recent Experience of Technology Sickness


I don’t know the name of it but it is all getting more clear! Yesterday the electric company was doing some electrical upgrades to our neighborhood and shut off the electricity. It was supposed to come back up at 6 PM yesterday but never did. Last night our whole neighborhood was dark and I am not sure if people will prepared. I was feeling sick like I was standing next to the microwave oven too long as it buzzed on and I was hearing buzzing in my ears and it got unusually loud at one time.  I was dizzy with a headache and sick last night and wasn’t sure I was going to make it and kept checking to see if my nose was bleeding but I only felt like it might. I prayed that I would live through the night. About 5 minutes to 4 AM I had that high pitch sound in my ears and woke up. Five minutes later the electricity went back up!  It is before 5 AM right now. If anyone has had that happen to them or has more information, please let me know. I still hear the buzzing and feel electricity in my body. Am I just sensitive to the technology or is this making people sick on purpose? Are they using a technology that has NOT been tested on humans?


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