Black Hills Indian Prophesy of the Black Snake


Sometimes I trip over my long skirt trying to run to get you links and videos and articles of important information. It has been a 2 year journey of slow accumulation of readers I am so ever grateful to subscribe to this blog website who want to know what happens in the shadows and corners of our world. You understand what we are going through and have open and awake eyes to know what is going on. You are not ignorant of Satan’s devices.

Last week I put out a post about the Lakota Indians and what their history is and what they are going through today.  Well today there is a serious problem. The Federal government are taking land for their purposes and taking it unlawfully. They make up laws that break treaties and steal land and homes and property for the sake of “Eminent Domain” and because their property is now declared as “National Forest” or a “Preserve” to protect Animals and Fish from extermination. (Yea, right, it doesn’t stop them from geoengineering, fracking and letting companies with the help of the EPA dump toxic chemicals into our water and soil.)  It is all fake. Obama has even declared the mountains here where I live as National Forest where Hispanic bought out politicians and ignorant liberals think it is a “good thing” and helps to save the planet from this fake global warming. The Federal government is taking the very land I posted about a week ago and is putting in a pipeline. There are other states they can put it through but they are putting it through Indian land that is not theirs to do or make decisions on. Half breed Indians are also selling the land which is not theirs to sell and not even for sale. But the corruption runs deep there in the Black Kills. The land was already destroyed by the white settlers seeking gold and by Catholic and European people who got rid of all the buffalo, killed many people and stole the children to put them in Catholic schools to wipe out every bit of Native Indian in them even forbidding them to speak in Indian language. They poisoned the water when they tried to get the land’s Uranium deposits. Now they are still trying to kill and destroy the Indians in every way possible. They bring in Federal and State companies that are under complete corruption. Even today 90% of the children are stolen and put into foster homes! The cancer rates are higher there than the rest of the country. And you NEVER hear about them. I just stumbled on a video by chance…. and all these years have gone by and I didn’t know. I feel so ashamed of our government. Every day I learn more about the corrupt politicians that flood our country who are bought and paid for by globalists and elites who are looking for ‘order out of chaos’ to make a one world utopian transhumanist civilization. (Which is really a farce and a plan of Satan that WILL END in nothing but destruction and death in the worst of tribulation of people and the judgement of these wicked conspirators.)

The prophecy of the black snake is that when a large black snake comes into the land….the world will end. This snake is the pipeline going through the native lands and the Indians of all the surrounding tribes have been trying to oppose and stop it from being put into their land. Here are some videos that explain it better than I can. If you tell people about the pipeline from the perspective of the Native Indian peoples, perhaps the influence and propaganda lies of the liberal media and government not lead them to think that it is a “good thing”.




Here is the petition which I am not sure it is too late but I was able to sign it.

Petition to stop construction Dakota Access Pipeline which endangers water supply to the Native American Reservations

Update video 10-27-16





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