Lakota Indians (Sioux) on Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota


The feelings I get as I see these people in a far away part of the country is complicated and makes me emotional. This is not the first time I have seen videos about them. Even in school, learning about the American Indians has always been fascinating and interesting. It would take me weeks to learn more. Perhaps I should because my interest is so strong.  I remember going to one of my son’s back to school night get togethers and saw that the room was filled with American Indian things like woven blankets that the kids did on little looms and there were dream catchers. Everyone was so proud of their work. I had no idea they were learning about it but there is a lot even here where I live in Southern California. Our state is lined along the coast with missions of the first settlements in the area. Our local schools and cities thankfully have not stopped letting the youth know that there were American Indians here first.

I don’t even know which American Indian blood I have but I know I have some and even my parents who are Hispanic with Spanish and Latin American blood feel close to the native indians. The house is decorated in a Southwestern theme and nick knacks and paintings and pottery are an eclectic mix of different indian items and colors. Quietly, it has become part of me.

Although the Native Indian cultures are idolatrous in nature worshipping Mother Nature and the Great Spirit. I am at odds at what to do regarding these people. If we witness to them, will we take them away from their culture and heritage? I am not sure what to do but I do love them all even though they are going through so many troubles. I feel the same about all the other cultures that are being persecuted and hated and have fallen into despair including the Yazidi in Syria. These cultures are seeped in a special culture and unlike Islam which tries to take over nations, these small cultures are not trying to overpower anyone but want to preserve their people and ways so that it goes on for generations.

In some of these videos, a different point of view that is not my own is in them. Some even have a hostile or view of opposition towards Christianity. The ones that still believe as their ancients and forefathers of the plains, believe all Christians were the ones who forced them to become Christian and to become westernized and killed their people. How do we approach them when there WERE Catholics that did force them to convert to their false version of Christianity and also killed them. How do I tell them that what they did was not even Christian and Jesus did not want us to kill people because of their faith in another god or spirit? If you want to comment and maybe help make some sense on it and maybe give your idea on how we can help them as Christians and care about their souls as God does and wants them to be saved as well.

Anyway, today I did buy some supplies to make some things for them and send it to them. If you feel for them as well and want to help them, please pray for them and please check out this website and see if you want to help out in other ways.

Russell Means: Welcome to the American Reservation Prison Camp (Full Length) [1 hr 36 min]

‘We Live to Survive’: One Week with Lakota (Part 1) [26 min]

‘We Live to Survive’: One Week with Lakota (Part 2) [25 min]


Please see our NWO Movie Page for more movies and videos on the Lakota Indians.






4 thoughts on “Lakota Indians (Sioux) on Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota

  1. It is so heartbreaking…I came across a video on Facebook the other night about how the children (in the past 50-60 years) were taken from their parents, given to the Catholic nuns and priests in boarding schools…and sexual and physical abuse and degradation was rampant. All their culture was ripped from them and they were punished if they even spoke their native language. After I watched that I realized why those folks can be so suspicious of any Christians, because of that false Christianity that in part destroyed their way of life. We live about 6 hours from Pine Ridge, I have wanted to do a mission trip there for awhile but we are in a relatively young church plant so I’m not sure it will happen soon. Such horribly hard lives, destroyed by drugs and alcohol and cyclical abuse, they surely need Jesus. The real Jesus.


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  3. What they did to the native Americans as a white nation….the new WORLD order will next do to our great USA same fashion.
    Catholicism and Lakota go hand in hand.
    And good and evil is found in EVERY RELIGION AND CULTURE

    Creator = God
    Pipe = Eucharist
    Sweat lodge = confession
    Sundance = sacrifice and fasting
    Heaven = beyond the stars
    Purgatory = gone south”
    Virgin Mary = buffalo calf woman

    You can get to heaven with a pure heart and truth witth honesty. Religion is just a form of practice to help someone maintain pure. A Buddhist may get to heaven beefore a Catholic. Especially the impure catholics who oppressed and forced conformity upon natives in arrogance. (Jesus did the opposite by preaching love and freedom to choose but not forcing.
    In my opinion, the ones most strong and pure were:
    Crazy horse
    St. Thomas Moore
    St Peter
    St. Joan of Arc
    Chief Joseph
    St. Francis Assisi
    Just to name a few.
    These hero’s all fought for something greater than themselves

    Someday soon us Catholics will pray to God to protect us from the growing one world Christian oppression. Just like the Lakota did and do. The evil one is here and is given powers to almost reach totalitarian regimes before being destroyed by God revelations. We can learn and pray to the Lakota who stood up for what they believed outside the world of materialism. God save us because Christians will again be slaughtered for their own way of life. It has been prophesied and the time is near. Faith is the only thing worth clinging on to. Few will be saved. May the Lord have mercy on all of us and our sins. USA has handed itself over to all forms of sinful abominations. Thank you NWO leaders BUSH, CLINTON, OBAMA , TRUMP. all liars hiding in chameleon clothing as actors do. But they are Gods children and God will take care of us all as we deserve in justice.


    • Buddhists and anyone who denies the Son will never enter heaven or be in paradise. Catholics are not Christians. They pray in chant fashion to Mary on prayer counting beads and give her demi-god status calling her the Queen of Heaven and calling their spiritual leader “Holy Father” which is blasphemous. It is a cult. Heaven is for those that put their faith and trust on Jesus Christ, who is Son of the living God and the Lord and Saviour of all the universe. There are articles on this blog that go into further detail and the Bible is foundational to know what God thinks, says, expects of us, wants us to do and gives us comfort and peace.
      Lakota are respected as people who keep their traditions and heritage and I don’t want any harm to them. We should help them and love them and pray for them. A small amount are Christian. Christian is not a race, it’s a religion. Lakota are free to worship as they please even if to some it is worshiping false gods. They are still people and God wants us to love them even if they don’t love us. Let’s try and get along with mankind and do our best to live together on this planet.

      Romans 12:18 If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.


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