Christian Voting Advice: Vote Trump!


CA2NWO WordPress Blog is not a 501c3 source so we are not muzzled on what advice to give you.

A lot of stressful things are happening and it is very overwhelming. Shut off the TV. Most of it is propaganda to sway you to believe certain things and to be confused about it all. Alternative news is the best way to get information. It is raw, unscripted, and real and comes from real people. There are trolls and shills everywhere pretending to be real people dispersed among us. Many people have been programmed since they were children. We live in a very scary world. You need to unplug from the distractions and the programming.

I will make it short and clear so you know what to do. On the ballot are measures about programs. I am in California which is extremely corrupt. There is corruptions in every political party especially the Democratic party.  If you are part of this, or have family and friends in this party, it is full of deep propaganda and mind programming. Watch what happens when Trump is mentioned to them. Even if they are sweet, nice people, they will get angry all of a sudden.

You will see measures that have commercials that talk about taxing the rich. This is wealth redistribution.  It is Socialism and this destroys nations. Do not vote for any of these. Most of what they work on in the California legislation is done by radical Democrats who are really Marxist activists. Many other states are the same. A flat tax for everyone makes more sense and is easier. No loopholes. We need the wealthy to have factories and provide jobs. I know there are many corrupt people and lobbyists. This corruption will lessen when it is simpler and easier. American citizens need more small business. It comes with a lot of red tape and expensive regulations.  English only should be on all forms and the small businesses should only be for American citizens. All the solutions are simple but politicians spend too much time and effort on making new regulations and putting money into UN and Socialistic solutions that are not changing this country into something better but a globalist 3rd world Marxist country. Vote NO on all these ballot measures that promote wealth redistribution and taxing the rich. Income equality is a new term that promotes people to embrace welfare programs, activism, radical feminism and gender wars and not to work or to have good work ethics because it removes the American dream of working hard to become wealthier and successful citizens.

Do not vote for Hillary. She represents every corrupt, ungodly thing. Trump is a modern day Cyrus. He is not a spiritual leader but has a heart for this country. If only for 4 years, perhaps we will not be destroyed as a nation so quickly. Hillary is definately a criminal that belongs in prison. Pray for her because she is so corrupt and evil that her time in hell will be one of the worst. Pray that she repents and gets out of politics.

Do not vote 3rd party. It is a waste. The election is between 2 people. You will NEVER get a born again Bible believing Christian leader at this point of time. You need to vote for the life of this country. Many people say they will not vote. This is wrong too. You will be responsible for what you allow to become president. If the election is close and Christians do not vote….it may be the reason Democrats win. And no, there are NO Christian Democrats. If they are for the Democratic party, they are for abortion, feminism and lawlessness. They fight against the Constitution at every chance they get.






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