Is Schizophrenia The Same As Demon Possession?


This is a very controversial topic. First of all I am not a medical doctor or a pastor and I am not going to tell you what steps to take if you have schizophrenia or demon possession. I know there are people who are ready to sue if you say something against the medical establishment recognized by our government and their sheep to be trusted fully without questioning it.

I am a Christian, I do like natural health remedies and I like to do a bit of research on a wide variety of topics. This is a multi-topic blog. Please do not use me to make a decision on what to do with your child or family member. You do what you think is best. Most people will tell you to seek traditional medical practices in psychiatry and drug therapy to control the behavior. If you have been reading about how I feel about psychiatry and pharmaceuticals, you know that I think that type of medicine is wrong and spiritually dangerous. But again, please do not go by what I say. There may be no choice in the matter but for you to go through the traditional medicine practices in your country or they could take your child forcibly from your home and administer psychotropic drugs if you refuse to put your child or family member into this type of therapy voluntarily. This topic is so highly controversial that a wrong decision could mean death and destruction. Schizophrenic people may hurt or kill others even themselves. I do not want to give anyone advice on what to do.

The answer to the question, “Is schizophrenia really demon possession?” is yes in most cases because the person is usually not filled with the Holy Ghost and has demons who are familiar spirits or unclean spirits that bring them in confusion and speak to them even giving instruction. Bi-polarism and split-personality disorder and all these diagnosis done by secular scientist who do not care about what the Bible says put secular science above God are really just trying to make demon possession, evil or sinful conduct and the powers that come from Satan , occult religions and practices to be non-existent. I am not going to the dark ages as I say this and if any doctor who went through any traditional medical school sees this, they will probably be furious about what I just said.  They will be in attack mode. As I said, do not make any decisions based on my opinions. What I will do is present some material in a small amount so that you will at least think about this matter. This is only to see another point of view.

Also one more thing, I am not Catholic and do not believe in any Catholic form of exorcism, psychiatry or any advice of the Catholic position on the matter. I believe Catholics are in a cult themselves. No one who is a born again Christian who has the Holy Spirit will be praying to Mary and count prayer beads or call a man by the title of “Holy Father”.

If you are a child of God, you know that God hears you and for all situations a Christian will pray. For tough situations we add fasting which makes a prayer concentrate and strong. I am not saying God will cure you or your child or family member by prayer and fasting but all Christians are constantly in prayer no matter the situation or even if there are no problems in your family.  He may heal instantly just from our prayer and He may not according to His plan or will in our lives but we shall trust Him in faith no matter what the outcome or how long you will go through all of this. We are always in prayer no matter what. Whether you do it in a whisper or say it silently, God hears you. Even if there is a good day, we praise God in prayer and remember that not everyone in the world is having a good day so there is always something to pray about and we pray as many times as we can throughout the entire day.


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