The Simple Quick Reason Why “Made in China” Is Cheaper


Because it is from slave labor from corrupt countries with less regulations.  I put this in the back of my mind for decades. I knew the products were cheaper and everywhere in the USA and the quality was poor. I knew our electronics were all from China. But think about it. Products are made, packed in shipping containers, go through customs, shipped to the other side of the world, unpacked and inspected and sold cheaper than if it was made by a factory next door to you. To pay for the overseas trip should make the product considerably more expensive yet it is cheaper. The $15 an hour movement could not make products cheaper than that. We complain about slavery 200-300 years ago and it is still going on! And we fund it!

Who exactly are we buying these products from? Think about it. Who benefits from the oil trade? What does Turkey and China do with the money it makes from the USA? How often do you see Chinese homeless people in the USA? In the large city near you, tell me if you see Chinese homeless people. It goes to communist China. Now we have fish and some food comes from there and from Thailand too. Do you really trust them with food? Do you think their organic regulations reach equality to ours in the corrupt USDA or FDA? This is cheaper too. Why would Americans buy the cheap products from other countries and not have factories and employ American’s here?

Because American’s can’t compete. Workers want $15 and hour or work is not an option and it is easier to just go on welfare. And because of Obamacare and everything being automated, you are not needed anymore. You are taught in school that you are an animal and that we need to depopulate and take care of Mother Earth. Yet we are letting unvetted refugees in the country which have multiple wives and at least 5 kids per wife. You are being eliminated. Not only by another evasive race and culture which embraces violence and hate but also through the poison of our experimental food and unregulated cell towers and other evasive technology, the cell phone even decreasing male sperm count. Our water is tainted by fluoride, a drug put on the people without doctors prescription with accumulative effects on the body. Not to mention it is a neurotoxic byproduct coming from China. Fracking has poisoned the waters.  Chemtrails polute the air with heavy metals. This vaccine and pharmaceutical drug push is only making people suffer more. Instead of promoting cures, they promote symptom relief with the possibility of crazy side effects even death. Politicians often like to talk about global warming and carbon footprints and environmentalism but the politicians, the elite and lobbyist corporations and the celebrities who push it on people are the biggest producers of pollution. They should be pointing that finger on themselves because they created the mess.

I am sick of this fake environmentalism and this Made in China America. They call Wal Mart the name China Mart. No offense on Chinese people in the USA. As I said before, most are peaceful decent people. But I don’t want to support Communist China anymore. Do yourself a favor and start looking at labels and stop supporting foreign countries. I know everything is cheaper but you can get a deal and start making things yourself. You can figure where to get things that are not made in China, Turkey and anywhere that has slave labor!

Labels often say, “Imported” or “Made in America from Imported Fibers”….that is still made in a 3rd world country that probably doesn’t respect humanity and has slave labor. Some even support terrorism. Some products are Fair Trade…which often employs women to make things that are specialized in their community and support local culture. Some even come from foraged local plants and minerals that they have collected themselves and have been made as a community gathering and not in a factory which has suicide nets or has their workers chained to their station where they are forced to work more than 12 hour days. In the case of fair trade, that is a better option.

Encourage teens to be entrepreneurs.  Make your local cities see the importance of making small business easier to get into if they are citizens of the USA. Go look at and other similar sites where you can find handmade items at good prices. Buy your pants and shirts, skirts, accessories, soaps, cosmetics, herbs and spices, etc from people who work from their own sew machines, their own gardens, their own garages and want to make extra bucks. You can get good prices if you look for deals. Grow your own organic food. Plant fruit trees, do whatever it takes. I used to go to my local farmers market but it is becoming expensive and commercialized. It is not all organic and if they have the same prices as the health food stores than I will not be making extra trips. I’m not sure why they are so expensive now. If someone knows, tell me.

Well, I gave the answer to why made in China is cheaper in the first sentence. The rest is me rambling.



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