Sloppy and Dangerous Islamic Immigration vs Common Sense Christian Solutions

This is a speech from an Australian politician but should be watched. It is very important and truthful. Please see and share. This represents all western countries.

In my opinion, I think there should be a Sharia ban so we do not ban a religion. Welfare should be only for one year and there must be a requirement for all ages to learn English. Only people who want to be Americans and support America should be allowed. It should be limited because Muslim families have an average of 5-6 children per family plus have multiple wives. They would outnumber all other races in 2 or 3 generations. Small businesses must be racially diverse and the main sign must be in English. A significantly large tax break to those who hire different races in their establishment. This will force people to integrate. Muslim countries should take in the majority of refugees, not western countries. There should be a program to resettle the refugees in their own country in a few years. All countries with armies should consider getting rid of ISIS and allowing Syrians to go back and rebuild their country. The Yazidi and Christian refugees should get priority place in western countries because they are the most persecuted and intigrate well into society better. Evangelists of other religions, especially Christian ones should be allowed the opportunity to evangelize to Muslims because this country was founded on Christian principles and this is beneficial to the people. Some countries will not allow evangelism and kill those who leave or do not accept Islam. Because some have been forced into that religion we should give people an opportunity to leave that religion of Islam without fear of being killed and it should be given as an option. The full burka should be banned. It is oppression of women. They can wear headscarves but the full burka hides women and we can not even greet a Muslim woman without seeing a smile or if she is being physically harmed. They need to be identified and integrated in the community. It is also a health hazard to wear full dark clothing in warm weather. Multiple wives should be banned. It is not OK to be polygamists. All polygamy Islamic or not should be deterred and shunned and be unrecognized. The 2nd or 3rd wives should be considered as single mothers and the father should pay child support after a year. The other wives to be the head of household of their children even if there are several families under the same roof. It would allow these women to be more independent. If they want to support their families they can work and contribute to society and give in taxes. If this is not to their liking, they should not come to the USA. This would help the United states with all immigrants and not just Muslims. There are Asian people coming from Communist Secular countries and there are people coming from Socialist countries and these are doing the same thing as the Muslims by not integrating well into society.

The social justice warriors, the liberals and progressives in politics and society are becoming the majority and their ideas and plans are very weak and destructive. I am just an average person and my solutions are very basic and would be better for the country. unfortunately I am not a politician and my voice is small. I encourage people to become those voices in their own communities to drown out the voices of Socialism, Communism and unsustainable progressive ideas. Enter every community program and political arena and change the views of the community so we can remain a strong integrated American western society that is different and influential to encourage morality and patriotism. Christianity should be part of the political arena just as there were prominent Hebrews at the gate of the cities.

Vote for Trump, not because he is the perfect candidate but to push out Hillary Clinton which is representing every weakness to destroy our country including corruption and special interests of lobbyists and giving our country financially, physically and spiritually to other countries and cultures. Our heritage is in European Christianity. This is being mocked and hated by others to the point of shaming us, suing for past wrongs and giving deceptive history lessons to the youth. I love liberty, freedom and diversity but if you allow Islam, Communism and immorality to flourish, they will eliminate all other people and cultures and become totalitarian and increase in crime. Do not be ashamed of your Christian heritage. It is a beacon of light in every country.

Isaiah 9:2   The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light: they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.


  Isaiah 30:17   One thousand shall flee at the rebuke of one; at the rebuke of five shall ye flee: till ye be left as a beacon upon the top of a mountain, and as an ensign on an hill.


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