Fraternal Order Of Police and Charlotte, NC Riots



I  was watching a video today and it was a very good informative one by Daboo77. In the video a spokesman talks about how the majority of the people arrested in South Carolina yesterday were from out of state and that they had been bused there. This is already a clue that this is a planned event from BLM or another similar group to intentionally cause havoc in Charlotte, NC. Why would these people risk their background status as being criminals and looters and become a shame to their family? Who would hire them? Why would they risk going to jail? The only thing I could come up as a logical answer is that they were promised or given money to do this. Perhaps they did not have a job or job prospects to worry about. Perhaps they were riled up with lies. I really am not sure but it is questionable and I believe that it is more than the death of a black man in their community because most deaths on black people are by black people and the majority are not by police officers.

To tell you the truth, I am very sick and disgusted by Black Lives Matter and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Colin Kaepernick. I skip the segment or the clips or the articles. It is difficult because that is everywhere in social media where I try to thumb through it all to post it on our Reddit page so I post some but the majority is ignored because I consider it ridiculous and stupid and the actions of thugs and their crime and violence is not worth my time to spend all day on. I am not going to give them the attention they want. I am not going to fall for their racism.

Another thing that caught my attention is the spokesman in the Daboo77 video mentions “Fraternal Order of Police”.  I heard this term a few times already but I get side tracked so I haven’t looked into it until today. My first thought was that it sounds Masonic. So I googled it and looked it up on Wikipedia to get a fast answer.

The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is a fraternal organization consisting of sworn law enforcement officers in the United States. It reports a membership of over 325,000 members organized in 2100 local chapters (lodges), organized into local lodges, state lodges, and the national Grand Lodge. The organization attempts to improve the working conditions of law enforcement officers and the safety of those they serve through education, legislation, information, community involvement, and employee representation.[1]FOP subordinate lodges may be trade unions and/or Fraternal Organizations, as the FOP has both Labor Lodges & Fraternal Lodges and describes itself as a “full service member representation organization.”[1] It lobbies Congress and regulatory agencies on behalf of law enforcement officers, provides labor representation, promotes legal defense for officers, and offers resources such as legal research. It also sponsors charities such as Easter Seals, Special Olympics, memorials for fallen officers, and support programs for spouses and family members of police officers. – Wikipedia

If you look at that small logo, you will recognize the masonic and satanic symbols. They are explaining it differently but you can see that is an illuminati eye or Eye of Horus. You can see the Masonic handshake. You will see the Masonic checkerboard pattern. You will see a Pentagram and also a circle around the Pentagram. If you have been researching the occult a bit, you will know what those symbols really represent. At first glance, I also noticed that the middle part looks like a gas mask. Did anyone else see that? (Just posted a pic above….it also looks like a hamburger, a phoenix, a fat lady in a bikini and also a man with a mustache and hat sticking out his tongue, LOL)

Less than a week ago, the Fraternal Order of Police had endorsed Donald Trump. For the Masons to do that while Soros is spending millions to promote Hillary shows me that Trump has some dark connections. Months later, I am still upset about him meeting with Henry Kissinger and I have been waiting for an apology and an explanation but haven’t gotten one. Donald Trump has dark connections and this may be the reason he has gotten this far already.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of information.  It would take a lot of time to research but it is shocking enough for me to get this to you right away so that you can do some research too. I will keep adding to this as I get it.

Donald Trump is endorsed by Fraternal Order of Police (Politico 9-16-16)


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