Who is Behind the Migrant Invasion?


I have seen a lot of videos and these few are at the top and they need to be watched and you need to keep this in your mind and put everything you have learned already and put it all together. George Soros, the UN, EU leadership,and the liberal politicians are some of the puppet masters. And since we are Christian, you have to realize that this is spiritual warfare and ultimately this from Satan influencing people through satanic avenues including the Illuminati, Luciferianism, Wicca, Catholicism, Islam, Satanism, Hinduism, Globalism, Freemasonry, Atheism, Feminism, Liberalism, Socialism, Communism…..plus whatever groups are putting this out and using this invasion for their religion and world ideas. It all goes back to Satan, the temporary god of this world meant to rule and to kill people.


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