It’s Not OK and It’s Not Normal – Islam Is A Constant Threat In The West. Stop Submitting to Islam


Islam is spreading everywhere and while corrupt sold-out politicians and paid off liberals spend their entire day and life trying to convince you it is a good thing to flood the western countries with these “poor refugees fleeing for their lives” in war torn countries, please know that it is a lie and if you are an ignorant sheeple going along with the flow, you are buying into the false narrative.

Islam does not want to intigrate into society. They are infiltrating western countries in order to take them over and take advantage of the host country in every way they can. They realize that the more they complain and group, the more they can get. This tactic is psychological warfare.  Nazi Germany is a great lesson to learn to see what is going on and as the saying goes, “Those who do not learn history are more likely to repeat it.”

Islam is not only a religion but a government and way of life. The law of Islam from their quran holy book is called Sharia. Perhaps you have heard of this but didn’t realize it. Of course,  I ask you to research it but people lost in cults go to cult sources to keep them ignorant. In this case please go to independent alternative news sources, either Christian and non-Christian which may have more of an intense explanation and also in depth books on this subject . This post is a brief overview that will hopefully lead you to go find out for yourself because that is just the best way to learn and understand something this controversial.

This is not a multi-cultural society when people of one race make a community where all other races are not welcomed, allowed or secure. The Muslims expect you to open your communities and let Muslims dress and act the way they want in public and open their shops and commerce to them but you are not allowed to come into their communities and shop or talk to them in English. They don’t want to hire you. You are expected to conform and accept their point of view even if it is oppressive to women and other religions. The religion of Islam is not like other religions. The race and victim cards are being manipulated and lots of ignorant people are buying it. If you are a Bernie supporter, love welfare more than working, want to make $15 an hour at McDonalds and don’t know what GMO is, you are in that category of ignorant sheeple. If you voted for Obama because he is black and think that most illegals and refugees are women and children, you are ignorant. Wake up and research.

Recently we experienced several terror attacks around the same time in the USA. We know that if we come to any conclusions that the left will spend a lot of time and effort trying to demonize you for that and we have learned to wait as more information is released. Although we waited, in our minds we assume that it is most likely a Muslim or a Democrat drugged up. We know that politicians drool and lick their chops as they expect to use this to make new laws to take away our gun rights and implement more programs benefiting and supporting more Islamic refugees. Just as the Catholics have spend hundreds of years making excuses and trying to change history to make them look holy, the politicians know the drill on how to use these events for their benefit. They have literally sold their souls to demonic forces in doing this. There is nothing Christian about flooding the USA with poorly vetted Muslims, especially when this country is so far in debt, the poverty rate is going down, billions of dollars are going to Iran and Saudi Arabia that goes directly to fund terrorism and propaganda and where our new normal is Islamic terrorism in the west.

Europe is gone, it is not safe to go out at night near Muslim neighborhoods especially if you are a woman. If you are dressed in shorts or a tank top, you might get heckled and screamed at. You never know what will happen and if you are going to be part of the next terror plot which will continue and happen often. This country will be taken over because there are too many complacent people who are willing to take on more refugees and turn a blind eye to their Jihad on the west. The men do not protect anymore and they demand that their communities be free from guns and to pretend that all religions are equal. They are in complete ignorance.

Judges 6:1   And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the LORD: and the LORD delivered them into the hand of Midian seven years.

Judges 6:2   And the hand of Midian prevailed against Israel: andbecause of the Midianites the children of Israel made them the dens which are in the mountains, and caves, and strong holds.

Judges 6:3   And so it was, when Israel had sown, that the Midianites came up, and the Amalekites, and the children of the east, even they came up against them;

Judges 6:4   And they encamped against them, and destroyed the increase of the earth, till thou come unto Gaza, and left no sustenance for Israel, neither sheep, nor ox, nor ass.

Judges 6:5   For they came up with their cattle and their tents, and they came as grasshoppers for multitude; for both they and their camels were without number: and they entered into the land to destroy it.


A little off-topic but I am not going to make a separate post because this is a recent event that is bothering me and keeping me in anger this week. Within the past few days a news story came out that a teen girl had been raped by Muslim migrants. She had been chained to the Eiffel tower and found naked. This should be enough to make all the French and European men angry and do something about these out of control migrants in Europe but instead we are hearing nothing but silence. It is even difficult for me to find a video on this but the fact that it happened can not be erased and this is very serious and should be what stirs men in Europe to rise and say no to the refugees. These things are happening daily and it is becoming normal and the people are quiet and go about their day, going to work and trying to survive the jungle created in their countries that keeps them unsafe and tourism dwindling to nothing. This is the worst thing I have heard in a long time and makes me tear up just thinking about it. What are you doing men?!

It makes me think of the incident in the book of Judges (Chapter 19 and 20) when a woman is gang raped all night and when she crawls back home she dies on the footsteps of her master. Her body is cut up and sent to each tribe of Israel in order to rowl them to war. This is your cue, Europe! How many incidents must happen. They are happening daily and your countries are swallowed up by Islam and invaders posing as “immigrants”. Your culture and race are almost gone!  Send them back to fis the countries they love and come from. They benefited but they are not Europeans. Promote European families in Europe and save your people from extinction. Islam wants Europe to be Islamic. Stop pretending they are good for your country! They aren’t! Send them back! Catholics and Jesuits are not helping either. They are supporting this chaos to bring on the New World Order. I know that sounds crazy if you don’t read this blog often or any of the CA2NWO posts but that just shows you that you need to look into it more.

I know you want to do the humanitarian thing but at what expense? There are poor people in every country! You can not take them all in. You should especially avoid Islamic people adhering to the quran because they are not INCOMPATIBLE to western cultures and will not assimilate to European culture. They segregate themselves and only care about themselves. They are not for Europe. They are only for Islam and want Sharia. There are many Islamic countries for them to go to. The UN should be eliminated from power because they are a waste of time and money. Stop letting them dictate your life, your country, your beliefs and your sovereignty. If the UN had any good influence, the Muslim countries would be taking in all refugees and the west can cen certainly choose to send them food and water and helping them learn to build so they can build up their countries when ISIS is defeated. They need to learn to be independent of welfare and rebuild. Even the gleaning of the poor in the book of Ruth showed us that the poor had to work for their food! Politicians will not agree with this because they have made deals and treaties which make them elite and wealthy. They are nothing but traitors. A good politician is a patriot who wants less government. This is a small percentage! The majority have sold their souls and their countries!

Islam has done this to themselves. If they want to stay in Europe they must become Europeans and be fewer in number with no hijabs or Sharia law. They need to stop the call to prayer. No more segregation. No more multiple or child brides. If they don’t like it, please allow them move to a Muslim country. Their mosques should only do their speaking in the European native language so they can be monitored. Muslims should always be less than 2% of the country. If they grow above, no more immigration of Muslims. The same goes for other religions and cultures that are not native to that country. Asians are also trying to take over countries. They could be nice but they should never outnumber or become a large number. The westernized immigrants will benefit as well being able to share in the culture. Perhaps they will take this idea to their countries. I am not speaking of any VIOLENCE or HATRED of people in any way but we should HATE INJUSTICE and do something about it. Islam means SUBMISSION! Stop submitting to Islam!

Europe and Western countries: Are you all homosexual pansies that you do nothing? Men rise up and be men! Push aside these corrupt politicians and send them to Syria and Somalia to fix things directly! Protect your countries!

Three Algerian Men Arrested For Allegedly Gang Raping A Woman Near The Eiffel Tower

France: Muslim migrants gang-rape woman near Eiffel Tower



2 thoughts on “It’s Not OK and It’s Not Normal – Islam Is A Constant Threat In The West. Stop Submitting to Islam

  1. Hey

    Im a fellow Christian, Ive been one forever. Im 53. Ive done the prophecy thing, the news thing, the search the bible for 18 hours a day for insight thing, Ive got a library that would make most Christians drool. Im a scholar in every sense of the word. Ive written volumes of epic doctrines, Ive rebutted and argued topics ever since the Internet was invented and I love some of the stuff Ive read here about TBN and other false teachers but I got to do you a public service and let you know that you over share about this NWO.

    I know you dont see it right now( and you can delete this too btw, Im not trying to call you out in front of your readers) but we, as lovers of Christ, can get carried away by end times theories and just essentially go nutts pleading with people to hear us out. For instance, to the point where you make accusations that the Pope is going to be the Beast. Look, I know its old hat for so called teachers to name names without the slightest idea that they are being the accuser himself. These are people and we are not prophets. We dont get to make prophecy.

    Im just letting you know that all the crap I spewed out about the end times in the last 30 years doesnt amount to what I flushed down the toilet today. I leave the prophecies in the Bible where every real Christian can find them. Let Jack Vanipee(sweet man from what I can tell) obsess with 15 gagillion theories. Ill just trust Jesus Christ because this is just Lust. Its….I dont want to serve on the soup line so Ill become a prophet interpreter. It draws us away from Jesus.

    Anyway, take care and I apologize if this doesn’t apply to you.


    • I am not sure if you read this article but I hope you read it. I am not like most end time bloggers if you read what I write. I do like solutions and most of the time I put it out there. I don’t make any real predictions but I can sense when we are going a certain direction. I am not pre-trib so I don’t think I am going to be raptured anytime soon. I don’t think the pope is the beast but he is a Jesuit and probably the false prophet. I hate Catholicism and Islam out of all the cults out there because these two seem to be the ones always making some public show often these days and millions are flocking to them.
      I really don’t care about what bible scholars say. Most of them come out of Bible College reading modern versions and get involved in the commercial 501C3 business side of churchanity. I like the plain wisdom of someone who gets their teaching and message from the Bible and if you listen to the sermons I put out, I like listening to humble pastors of small churches. This is the Holy Spirit working through the smallest of people. If you are encouraged and like minded, terrific!
      I expose the things most churches won’t talk about in a short brief post about once a week or so. I don’t ask for money and I am not expecting a huge following. I am not selling anything or making anyone do anything. It is just a motivation, a suggestion, an idea and a comment.
      I put out news articles on Reddit and comment once in awhile as I read them. I have some fantastic moderators that come and visit and help me out there. I just copy most of the same links to Twitter. I hope you subscribe to one or more of these Social Networks while they are free. 🙂 God Bless.


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