Ivanka Trump Does Not Know What REAL Women Want

Ivanka Trump was and probably still is a registered Democrat. She has a high powered job and is married to a high powered businessman.  She has other people helping her to raise her children and educate them.  She has Democratic female friends who are also working and paying people enormous salaries to take care and teach their children if they have any. She is friends with Chelsea Clinton. As far as her social circle goes, she has no idea what appeals to non-liberal, non-feminist, non-socialistic women. This view of a woman working full time and being a mother part time is a long-time plan of liberals and godless people to destroy the family.

Personally, I think a woman who stays home and raises the children and educates them is a much harder job. It is a job that the American people and government shame and make mockery of. Here is an idea. Let mothers raise their children in the Lord and educate them. Give them grade standard tests to make sure they are learning things at their grade level in English, Mathematics, Science and History. Give them a large tax break for $5000 per student a year which is half of what the state gets per student per year in public schools.   Parents could use that extra money for books, supplies and even extra-curricular activities such as piano lessons or gymnastics.

I don’t think maternity leave pay will be beneficial to employers or the government. If you have a child or adopt one, you should get a large tax break. That year, treat it like a vacation. That way you are treated like everyone else no matter if you are a mother or not.  Your employer will not have to break the bank.  If a grandmother or family member takes care that child, they should get a tax break as well. Increasing the population with American children (race does not matter) should be praised. Increasing the population with illegals and refugees should be shunned.

What Ivanka Trump is doing is making government bigger and destroying more families who are not privileged like hers is. She doesn’t really know what American conservative patriotic women want.




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