Deporting the Illegals Is Not The End of the World

Illegal Kids in the USA

First of all, I am Hispanic. My brother did not renew his VISA status so is now an illegal alien. He chose not to take a citizenship test long ago so that is on him. We are just quiet about it and say nothing but he put himself in that situation. He has the personality of a comedian and I still do not know even as an adult when he is joking and when he is not. He said the main reason for him not becoming a citizen is so that he won’t have to go to jury duty. If he were to go back to his birth country we have a ton of family there to take him in and help him and the life there is not really that bad. Some of them speak English! They live in homes that look like our home. None of us cry over him having the possibility of being deported and he isn’t crying about it either.

My mother and my brother came from South America and came here legally to visit and my mother married a Latino man with an upbringing that was very Americanized coming from Chicago. They got married and moved here to California. My mother obtained citizenship and studied for the test and she quickly learned English and became very Americanized. So much that she did not even speak Spanish in the home to us. She was a small business owner for many years and has still not retired in her 70’s. She is an example of an immigrant to this country who assimilated and learned the language and became part of the community. My brother forgot how to speak Spanish and only speaks in English and he is an example of someone who prefers not to be a citizen. Some become citizens in order to get benefits like my uncle who gets more money than my mother. My mom hates that because my uncle has not worked in this country but my mother is still working to make ends meet.

Now from what I see on TV and in the local community is a large amount of people who are proud of the countries they come from and many have come here illegally. Some come here on VISAs and do not renew them or go back. Some become citizens and get benefits and forget everything they learned in the citizenship test and never assimilate.  They refuse to speak English. They prefer not to have stores in English or cater to English speaking people. If you do not speak their language, they get annoyed by you and consider you to be the one who should be sorry for not speaking Spanish or Chinese or Vietnamese or whatever language they are.

Social justice warriors say they are poor and we need to welcome them in even if they don’t have a visa. There are corrupt Catholic and Jewish ministries bringing them in for government money. It is really very sick and secretive and no one seems to care about the American people or the people who were here before. It is sad to see the white people being demonized through all of this. Their numbers are dying out with people not getting married and having a family, or when they marry out of their race or have abortions or live in a way where they do not see themselves important enough to continue their race or culture. This is not racist but very sad because now the white people are the minority but get the short end of the stick by not getting the opportunities or the funding as their illegal neighbors in the same town. This town 40 years ago was mainly white, now it is mainly Asian. I don’t mind them so much because they are a peaceful people but at the same time, I feel like I am in China and not the USA.

Because of the UN Agenda 21 plans here in Southern California, there are a ton of new stack and pack new apartments being built. I believe they will either go to wealthy Asians who have benefited from our job loss in the USA bring business to Asia. I am not joking but there are people who pay to be here and do whatever they want. The government turns a blind eye to them. They see it as a way to find their campaigns and get votes. There are  illegals that often come here because the government and minority  groups sneak them here. New Asian shopping centers pop up often all around this area. They do not cater to or hire any other races than their own. It is very racist but of course, you are not racist if you are not white. You are a racist if you say anything about the injustice of the minorities.  I am not even white but I feel really bad for what is going on with the white race here in the USA.

Honestly, I do not think it would really be a bad thing if Trump starts to deport these people. Not that I don’t like them or want to see them go but all these countries are not as bad as they say and sometimes what looks like poverty is really just another culture. Saudi Arabia and Qatar and other wealthy Muslim nations should take in the Syrian refugees. No one seems to care that immigrants are coming here without being properly vetted from other countries. Everything seems so complicated and I am not coming from the perspective as a reporter but more of an observer.  If they were to go back home, they have family there. They are already citizens of their own country. They have learned to demand things and protest while they have been here and perhaps they can take what they have learned and protest and demand things in their own country. Perhaps all this Soros protest money is actually good training them to help make their countries better. Our country is not far behind theirs since we are in heavy debt. The wealth of this country is a facade and with all the socialists and globalist getting together with Masons and Democrats to protect each other from patriots, nationalists, Americans and Constitutionalist…they are trying to continue the debt and to demonize people who want freedom, security and an opportunity to be successful from hard work. They hate the fact that Trump puts the Americans first before illegals. They hate that they are not getting free college, food and housing as easy as they want and think they deserve. I guess they forgot this is not Mexico, China or a Socialist nation. Instead they are looking for the praise and collaboration from Democrats and RINOs who want to stay in office in rake in a secure paycheck that never ends.

The illegal immigrants have become accustomed to the welfare and benefits of racism. That is what we have created. Perhaps if they went home they can use that to demand from their own countries to give them the things they demand here. They love their countries and wave their flags proudly here in the USA. They keep their customs from their countries and do not mix with other people so it would not be culture shock if they were to go back. Their children would be the only ones with culture shock but they knew coming here that there would be a chance that they would be deported. They KNEW they would maybe face that possibility of them and their children would be separated and deported. Even some come here pregnant in order to make more reasons why they should stay and collect welfare. Would the children of illegals learn to speak Spanish or Mandarin if they were to go back? Sure. Many people around the world speak multiple languages. They would assimilate to that country. Mexico has its own Vogue magazine. They have doctors and scientists and writers and many of the jobs we have here. Mexico is actually a beautiful country. They have police and investigators and orphanages too. They have a civil country. Yes they do have drug cartels. America is helping them thrive by buying those drugs. Much of the crime is happening in my opinion because they don’t know Jesus and are not Christian. Catholic is not Christian so even though the majority may claim to be Christian, they are really not and not following Jesus or doing what God tells them to do from His word.

I am for countries to do their own trade and to thrive in business. I want people to do well in their own countries. I noticed that when I go to the store, there is nothing made in Mexico. Some soda pop in glass bottles but not much more than that. When I go to the yarn store, I notice that much of the yarn is imported from Turkey and China. Why are we buying from a Communist country and from a country that helps ISIS? I wouldn’t mind seeing some of that yarn come from Mexico. I would actually like to see more made in Canada and Mexico products. This country is pretty ignorant and dumbed down, many of the consumers have no clue we are doing trade with Communists and countries that help ISIS or have slaves or not allow churches or synagogues or kill homosexuals.

So basically the point is that it would not be a bad thing if illegals went back. It would also be good if the USA gets out of the Middle East and that Syrians be here only temporarily so they can go back to rebuild their countries and all these young men can fight and defeat ISIS. The USA is also making things worse by arming people in the middle east. Islamic countries should be the ones fighting against ISIS because they are making their religion look bad and violent and become a religion of terrorism. The refugees need to be sent to Saudi for a few years until they can go back to their own countries and rebuild. Muslims should help each other.  The Christians who are being oppressed would assimilate better here if there is no place for them to go. Western and Latin countries would be able to take them in and not worry about them because they are not violent people and would learn the language and be productive assimilated citizens. Religion should be a factor. Being a Satanist is different than being a Christian. It makes a whole different sort of person. A Muslim who believes that Sharia should be the law of the land and have multiple wives who are covered head to toe should not be part of our landscape. Let them practice Sharia in Saudi or other Muslim countries. Other destructive religions might be Santeria or Voodoo religions. Religions that have honor killing or justified murder or female circumcision or child brides or animal cruelty should not be allowed as well. They must be willing to assimilate and become Americans to the point they no longer fly the flags of their birth countries but fly the American flag and fight and protect THIS country. They need to respect the foundational soldiers and history of the people  who have fought to protect this country.  Not everyone belongs in this country and we need to stop the flow of illegals, refugees, the amount of welfare benefits, government over-spending and bank interest that is destroying this country. It would not be a bad thing for illegal immigrants to go home. They need to help their own countries, cultures and people if they don’t like this country . If they want to come here, there is a process and they need to assimilate if they come here legally. Make America great again. 😀


update comment 3-8-17

Even on FOX News. (self.ChristiansAwake2NWO)

submitted 19 minutes ago * by kjfriend

Fox has new liberal analysts and speakers which are pushing the same false narratives over and over. Just heard some guy, I should know his name by now saying we have an old immigration system and we need new immigration reform because people are getting deported for minor offenses. This is 1984 New Speak that says illegals are undocumented immigrants (as if they are citizens who have a right to be here) and that their illegal status is not a crime and enough to deport them. They are economic refugees. If everyone fled from their country for economic reasons, the world would all be in the USA. Every country is experiencing economic problems and we are high in debt. And what would Jesus do? He would say that they need to come in the right way so don’t buy their lies! They came here KNOWING they might be deported and came here the wrong way even having children and demanding that they get free healthcare, education, housing, even college and welfare benefits.

John 10:1 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.




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