The Alex Jones Reference From Hillary is Actually A Big Deal

Hillary decided to mention Alex Jones in her latest rant speech to try and counter all the news about her emails and her questionable connections and Secretary of State business and the Clinton Foundation. Pile on top of pile there is enough to put her in prison but it is obviously she is there picked by the Bilderberg Group and other groups who want to run the world to go in the direction they want it to go in.
If you keep up with my blog and Reddit sub and Twitter tweets, you would know I am not a big Alex Jones fan. I consider him to be an over-reacting wired-up intense person. Personally he is often in a choppy rant with weird humor I don’t understand mixed in with it. He is constantly cutting people off and doesn’t let people finish their thoughts. (This is one of my major pet peeves that drives me nuts about reporters, by the way!) But I will say that I do like the Infowars team of journalists who actually go to these events and talk to people on the streets and get into the middle of riots and crowds to show us what is really going on. They will talk to people in line at rallies and let average people talk and say what they want to say. I really appreciate and like that unscripted hands on reporting. They also do a great job writing articles and presenting them in front of a camera being careful that what they say will be unfairly and unjustly mocked by the mainstream media bought and paid for by globalists and progressives that want to destroy the family, destroy Christianity, destroy conservatism, destroy freedom and destroy patriotism or anything that is good.
This attack on Breitbart and Alex Jones is really a psyop to make people think that alternative media is a joke and should be laughed at and ridiculed and ignored and not only that but eradicated from the face of the earth. The only media they want is approved media clips that favor the left and protect their criminal and immoral activities and demonizes the patriots, Christians, independently thinking people, people who research, people who investigate on their own because they see that no one else is doing it. They want to take away sharp inquisitive-thinking intelligent minds who want answers. They will call them “Conspiracy Theorists” like it is the worst of the worst things one can be. They make that worse to be called more than a racist remark, worse than being called a liar or a thief or anything you can imagine. It has become the worst of all insults. Not only are they hurling slander every chance they can on TV, it is a lie and a false accusation of our character and moral integrity and intelligence. If we do not go along with the narrative as presented no matter how jaded and ridiculous it is…you are a “conspiracy theorist” and should be considered mentally ill and should be quiet and let them do as they please as the dictators and power hungry, greedy, demonic people they are. If you catch them in a lie, expose their plans or show how it is fake, you are a conspiracy theory. It has gotten so out of hand that they are training up children and college students at every opportunity to help them with their finger pointing and to even disagree with their parents. They are dumbing them down to be good little social justice warriors and use them as pawns and idiots to continue to support them. If you can think independently, you are the “bad guy”, you are a “conspiracy theorist”, a bigot, a racist, a crazy person or someone who hates science or medicine. To them you are the one stopping “progress” and “evolution” and need to get out of the way, not have children, tell on your parents, have no gender, have no independent thoughts. It really is Orwellian and this is a poison that is affecting the world. They want you poor or dead and living as agreeable useful idiots until you get cancer and die. They want you protesting, dumbed down and not caring about terrorism or depopulation.
If you are just reading this blog for the first time, I urge you to look into the matter about Sandy Hook and the Oklahoma bombing. She mentioned about the children being actors in Sandy Hook. Out of all the videos and articles on Sandy Hook, that is not what was being discussed. Some of the parents were probably actors and as far as the kids…. I really don’t know if they died knowing what I know and as crazy as that sounds….the more you look into it…the more you will have that same view. You will KNOW there was something fishy and wrong about that whole gun control ordeal. Anyway, just realize it is a psyop and reverse psychology to turn the heat away from Hillary’s giant list of questionable connections and business dealing and her constant lies. Look into the matter and see from alternative news what all this is about. Please see for yourself.




One thought on “The Alex Jones Reference From Hillary is Actually A Big Deal

  1. This is a great post. I don’t trust Alex Jones either. The term “conspiracy theorist” has been created and used as a weaponized term by the controlled media, much like “fundamentalist” and “extremist”. These guys use mind control on a mass scale. It seems as if one of their strategies is to let out much of the truth of how they operate and then just mock and ridicule it as if it is ridiculous. It’s the Saul Alinsky “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon” tactic. I agree that they are trying to paint anyone who doesn’t go along with the narrative as “the problem”. Thanks for posting


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