Questions About The Imam Attack In Queens

onjee and Uddin

Oscar Morel has been charged with 2nd degree murder for shooting a Muslim Imam and his assistant in Queens, Imam Maulana Akonjee and Thara Uddin.

  1. Was this Imam here legally and did he speak English? This Imam came here two years ago from Bangladesh and has been an Imam for two years. What was his legal status? Two years is ample time to learn English and be involved in building bridges between Islam and the American people.
  2. What is the reason for his attack and why did he attack these two? The media and Oscar Morelspokespeople are blaming Trump and Giuliani for their anti-Muslim rhetoric. Did Trump or Giuliani say to kill Muslims? Is it a hate crime to hate Islam? In Christianity, we love all people including our enemies but we are to hate what is evil. It is not a crime to hate false religions because we hate lies. Why is that being blown out of proportion as if “hate” is a thought crime and we are to love everything including anything evil?
  3. What feuds were going on between the Hispanics and the Muslims? I hear there had been feuds between the two? What are they talking about?
  4. People say that this Imam drew people in with his sermons and he was peaceful? I couldn’t find any on Youtube. What were his sermons about and how did he create peace within the community? Does anyone have access to transcripts in English so we can see what kind of sermons he was preaching?
  5. Was the attacker a Democrat or a Hillary supporter? If he was, how was he influenced by Trump? If he was a Hillary supporter, doesn’t that mean the Muslims and mainstream media slandered Trump?
  6. Where did Morel get his gun? New York has tough gun laws. How is it possible that he had a gun?
  7.  What kind of justice are they seeking? There was a march of Muslims in the Bangladeshi community where these two Muslims were shot. They are calling for justice but the attacker has already been caught and is going through all legal procedures.
  8. Why are Muslims ignorant to the world wide Islamic violence happening dWe Want Justiceaily? They are quick to blame Trump but why are they not marching against all the crime that is happening daily by Muslims? If they are peaceful moderate Muslims, why don’t they try and make peace with the Hispanic community and condemn the daily reports of Islamic terrorism happening around the world including the U.S.? If they love the USA, they should put the Constitution above Sharia and embrace the Western society in peace and love.



Suspect Charged In Slayings Of Queens Imam, Associate Held Without Bail


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