CNN Attacks Trump Daily With Scripted Lies

CNN Lies

I decided to listen to the latest  Donald Trump speech this week.  It was actually good especially handling the rude reporters asking snarky questions. They would never be as harsh to Hillary or anyone related to her. I hope you will listen to the whole thing. He does not act like a politician, he speaks frankly and faces the tough questions like a champ. He repeats a lot of points because the reporters continue to twist the information and repeatedly ask over and over the same questions. He says it in a very clear basic way because Trump knows they are trying to trap him saying something if it is not clear enough. He said that he did not know who hacked those emails. He said it could be China or someone independent. He repeated this at least three times. He said he did not have anything to do with Russia or has ever met with Putin. He said he sold property to a Russian before that is the closest he got to know anyone from Russia. He said it would be nice to get along with Putin, to work with the Russians and get rid of ISIS. He did not tell Russia to “hack” anyone.  They twisted his words and he also mentioned  he did not know who hacked in the emails but if it is Russia….he had hoped they release them to the media.  But sadly this is not being reported correctly. This is the lie I saw moments after the speech from CNN. CNN and the other mainstream media are passing this around saying that ‘Trump asked Russia to hack into the Clinton emails’. Another stupid comment I am seeing recently is that this speech is dark and gloomy.  This is the way Trump talks. He doesn’t smile all the time telling lies like a typical politician. The reason people like Trump is because he has common sense and knows who the enemy is and tells it likClinton emailse it is. He has an actual love for this country. Trump spoke about how the content of the Wikileaks is not being discussed but instead they report the false narrative that it is the fault of Trump and the Russians. They are going with these ridiculous lies that are FALSE. These poor ignorant Democrat sheep are eating it up, too.

If Democrats would take an hour of their time to actually listen to a Trump speech, especially this recent speech posted below they would see the media bias they are being force fed to believe on a daily basis. In my opinion, it seems as if they are Democrats because of the media and the progressive celebrity push them to believe their lies. Most of CNN are Democrats! If these Hillary supporters had never watched TV or read one of their progressive liberal periodicals, they would not be voting for Hillary. They are very easy to be manipulated by what’s on TV or told to them by celebrities, especially feminists who want a female as president so bad they are willing to look away from her criminal background and mobster family tactics.  The Bernie push which is Socialism came out of the colleges and the neo Communists who think they can actually have free healthcare and college and every other bit of freebies that will end ugly like they are in Europe. They are losing their rights and freedoms and culture in Europe and it is not being reported. Please see our Twitter posts or Reddit posts for daily alternative news that you will NOT get watching mainstream media.

I was just about to post the CNN clip but it was taken down. I even went to the CNN youtube page to look for it and it was not there. I guess they want to constantly pass around rumors and lies and take down the footage on it so you can listen to the latest stupid false attack on Donald Trump.

And just to tell you where I stand on the Donald Trump issue….I still don’t know if he is going to turn and become a disaster but he is FAR better than Hillary and Bernie and so far is saying everything I want to hear from a presidential candidate. The push and hate against him and their lies of hating people or certain races is ridiculous. It actually tells me that Trump is a better candidate because everyone I can’t stand is voting for her. I can’t stand Nancy Pelosi or Barbara Boxer and there they are pushing their dictator.  I am Hispanic and from California myself but I don’t want this country being flooded with violent or extremist illegals that refuse to assimilate like those in Europe or our country making deals with Iran. Everyone knows the Democratic Party is corrupt. The fact they are Hillary supporters despite all that has been revealed about her and that there are Bernie fans still chanting for 74 year old Bernie who should be retiring shows me that people are ignorant sheep who do not know history and are being fed a constant stream of media and progressive lies for the full brainwashing effect.  Bernie supporters are a little less brainwashed than Hillary supporters. The awe of liberal celebrities and musicians is losing their power too because they are nothing but prostitutes who sold out.  I could care less about award shows and what they are wearing. No one has money or a job to even care about them and want to be like them anymore. If Trump becomes president, I really do hope they move to Canada or a Socialist country. It’s not like they would put up a flag or love this country or sing an American patriotic song. They are busy pushing the gay agenda and the lie of global warming being a threat equal to ISIS….another thing so stupid it should be obvious.


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