Urgent Message to Europe!

Trojan Horse in Europe

Europe, they want you to support more refugees or to rebel. Don’t go these ways!

They are hoping they have trained enough young adults through propaganda in the schools and universities to actually want more refugees and to hate their own race and cultures and demand open borders. This is brainwashing. They are also hoping for Neo Nazis and conservatives to rebel in the streets in order to arrest people and take over the streets with military security. It is a mix of 1984 George Orwell and the National Socialist Party of Nazis all over again. They want to stop free speech. Muslims are being used as pawns to create chaos and change the race of Europe. It is to take your freedoms away. Secularism has been pushed for years and your churches are false for the most part. Reject mainstream Christianity and go back to a Bible-based Christianity and pray for your country and people. God will save you if you repent and put your faith on Jesus. Otherwise you will die physically and spiritually as the Jews did in the 1940’s.



Vote the EU and your liberal politicians out of office. Put them in prison if they unjustly con and sway the votes with false criminal vote tampering. They are traitors to your country.  Promote homeschool and Christianity and stop the homosexual agenda. They are doing it as a means to persuade people that they are gay and progressive as humans and their love is equal to a traditional marriage. They want your children to experiment with sexual sins and to be sexually confused. You have been lied to. Please wake up Europe. Now or you will be gone soon. You are already at the edge of your own self-inflicted end due to ignorance and deception. Your women will have to wear the hijab. Your children will gladly honor Allah and praise Him or die. Your children will be raped. Your elderly will not be important and their life saving medicines will be taken away because they are no longer needed in society. Your children will gladly take the mark so they can be paid electronically through a one world bank. Everything that God warned you about is happening.

Wake up and do something before it is too late for your family, your culture and your country.


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