Not so Nice: Islam, Guns and Liberalism

Nice - France - Terrorism
By: Justin Tucci

A terrorist attack has occurred in Nice, France where a truck was used to kill over 80 people and injure dozens more.

Details are emerging but local authorities have already found the driver’s ID inside of the truck and have identified him as a 31 year old French resident of Tunisian descent named Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel.

Eyewitnesses allegedly heard the man yell “Allah Akbar” as the truck broke through a barricade on Nice’s Promenade des Anglais at around 10:30 p.m. local time Thursday and plowed into the crowd of people gathering to watch the fireworks for the Bastille Day. The driver was able to drive 2 kilometers before being neutralized by police.

Authorities exchanged fire with the driver. Photos from the scene showed the truck’s windshield riddled with bullet holes and the suspect was reportedly killed.

Another important factor to note is that Islam is the official state religion in Tunisia. It is estimated that the majority of Tunisians consider themselves as Muslim.

As more information on this horrific tragedy comes forward we can determine whether or not this was an act of Islamic terrorism. However it is not unjustified to speculate that this was done by a Muslim in the name of Allah.

I dislike politicizing tragedy but this is an incident worth noting in relation to the gun control argument made every time people are shot.

Trucks, like guns, are neutral objects. They do not hold an inherent good or evil.
While one could say that guns are designed to kill you could also rationalize that guns are designed enforce justice to protect the innocent. Both of these arguments are wrong.

To put it simply guns are designed to shoot bullets. Nothing more or less.

The person controlling a gun has power.

They choose to use this power for good or evil.

The gun is an indifferent tool that can be used to impose its owner’s morality on another individual.

All of this applies to automobiles as well.

Cars are designed to transport people.

More people die in traffic accidents than by guns every year.

Does this make cars more dangerous than guns?

To be logically consistent in believing that guns are evil because they can harm others you would have to believe the same thing about cars. This of course is silly.

The car is an unbiased tool that can be used to impose its owner’s morality on another individual.

This man chose to use the power of his truck to kill people.

The truck is not at fault. We don’t need to push for more truck control.

The true issue is ideology. Unfortunately when it comes to Islam people have opinions rooted in emotion and nothing else.

I’ve had online discussions about Islam with others and they have been indoctrinated by the Left to shout racist as a response to any legitimate criticism of the Koran or Islamic culture.

Some of these liberals are begging to be beheaded.

So many people are saying there is nothing wrong with Islam but haven’t read the Koran or don’t understand who Muhammad was.

Gun and cars are not inherently evil. But Islam is.

Liberalism, like communism and fascism, are all about collectivism. You’re a part of the borg and cannot have an opinion that disagrees with the hive mind.

I recently watched a video about a transgendered woman who received death threat from BLM activists for disagreeing with their “cops hates blacks” narrative.

Liberals are political cannibals and self destructive as a result of their conglomerated totalitarianistic view on reality.

They’re too stupid or naive to create their own opinions on issues so they adopt the ideas of the Left without thought which gives them emotional validation and tells them that they are good people. They blame guns instead of Islam. They offer no solutions.

Could this idea that you’re a better person for not criticizing Islam be a part of the satanic globalists agenda to destabilize the world? Of course. This is all done by design to convince people into letting more muslims into their countries.

This childish ignorance is facilitating evil.

I can only hope that people wake up to the reality of Islam so that we can take righteous force against this evil to protect the innocent.

“Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society.” – Aristotle


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