Should Christians Vote In Government?

trump and hillary

Christians are not sure what to do or who to vote for this election. Here in the USA campaigning for elections have been going on since last year.  Some of my favorite pastors are telling their congregation not to vote because both candidates are evil. People don’t know whether they should vote at all.

It’s a tough situation and my thoughts are all over the place on this matter but I want to be helpful to people. First of all I believe Hillary is not any where near a choice that any sane person or Christian should go. She would be worse than Angela Merkel. She has always been evil and she is going to destroy this country. Trump is hated and liked by Christians. They say he is a Jesuit infiltrator because he went to Fordham University, a Jesuit school. They say he is a racist. They say he hates Mexicans and Afro-Americans. You know, when he was on TV for years in the Apprentice, no one said anything about him. He has employed lots of people and he is still conducting business and using his own money for his campaign. Hillary is a crook and taking blood money and foreign money and funneling in it through the Clinton Foundation. Both her and Bill have been the most corrupt people in the white house. Both Bushes because looking back on it, they were all for the New World Order and have blood on their hands. Right now Hillary is wanting power and fame while cool and collective Obama who is just as evil is thinking he will win a 3rd term. People get upset because they believe when we say Trump is the lesser evil that evil is still evil so don’t vote. Personally I don’t think he is a racist. He is not for illegals and I am not either. I don’t hate anyone and want the best for people but I want people to have the best they can in their own countries. Bringing them here makes absolutely no sense when we are trillions in debt. First pay off the debt and then think about bringing people here.  Help the veterans first. There are so many things you can do to help.

It is a hard decision but you need to think this out. What are the pros and cons of Trump and Hillary in the White House and what happens if you and your whole church doesn’t vote. You already see this world changing at a very high pace. It’s all changing for the worse at every level and our kids are being bombarded with liberalism.  Listen, our country is going to hell quick. My suggestion is to vote. Perhaps the votes will be so overwhelming that Trump will win.  Perhaps God will help us for a little bit like a small breeze on a scorching day. There have been heathen kings who helped Hebrews. Perhaps God can work through Trump. Perhaps Trump is an answer to our prayers to give us more time. You have no idea how ugly it is going to get. There are only 2 choices at this point. Hillary or Trump. If you do not vote for Trump or give your vote to a 3rd party, you allow the votes for Hillary to be the majority. If Hillary wins, there is no point fight for your town or country anymore because complaining won’t help. You will be persecuted, chipped, considered a terrorist, become the minority while America becomes Sharia, the Constitution will mean nothing, your guns will be confiscated, everyone will have to bow to gays and Muslims. It will be Sodom and Gomorrah again. There will be no reason to fight. You won’t be able to buy food and when you do it will be poisoned by Monsanto. Depopulation will begin and China and Saudi Arabia will be our allies and Clinton will give them even more land. Think about it because your stubbornness is as bad as liberal stupidity and leads to the same end.

Of course the decision is yours and you should pray about it but I just want you to know I do not agree with some of the pastors. I hope you will vote.


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