My comment to Afshin and Marshall from New Covenant Baptist

I saw this video today and I have seen 3 others before this one having to do with the Orlando Shooting last week.  I am sure there are a lot of people who agree with this video. It is by a Baptist ministry. But after listening to the whole thing two times, I really believe there are things in this video that can can be confusing and seen in different ways. I like what they are trying to do but something is off on this video. Please watch and see my comment below:


Ezekiel 33:11 is not a commandment but showing us how God feels about the wicked when they die. This one is more of a commandment and instruction to us:

Proverbs 24:17 Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth:

I agree that these pastors are wrong. The bible names names. I believe you are talking about Pastor Anderson and Pastor Jimenez who are best friends from Sacramento and are off track and we should stay away from their false doctrine. The apostles were gentle and got along with people the best they could but at the same time I just want to point out that they did speak boldly even if some people did not like what they had to say. Even if you say you don’t hate anyone, you will be accused for that very thing. People consider you saying anything about sin or saying as wrong is bigotry as hate. We should love all but love to the wicked is not the same as love to the righteous. There are weak, ignorant Christians who are embracing the gay community, allowing them as clergy and posting rainbows and joining in with the wicked in “pride” parades. Some gay people say they are Christians and God is for them even if they are having pride in their sin. They think God made them that way. How are some sodomites not reprobate? They all are. That example of someone who said she did not want to talk to someone because that person hates sodomites. Is it because that person hates sodomites or because he hates sodomy (homosexuality)? Paul talked about other subjects to the Christians other than salvation. Romans 1 and 1 Corinthians 6 is from Paul. The church must be taught about as much as possible. You also have to be careful when you say they word hate….people have made hate a thought crime and have set a certain standard what is hate and what is good based on men and has changed from the last 50 years and keeps changing. Their version of good is “evolving” and good is equivalent to what feels right and not what is right according to God. They are right in their own eyes. You are against these Pastors as if you are making as much as a big deal as the sodomites making a reason for people to attack them. By the way, Pastor Afshin….(the person on the right) you sound very feminine. It’s confusing and I don’t know if you are gay or raised by all women or something. You say you are on the side of love but remember that the gay community has distorted God’s word, His symbol for not flooding the earth and His idea of love. The gay community is often saying that “God is love” and “Love wins” but they consider that love for one another even though they are in same sex relationships. The false Christians are considering love as a compromised love that accepts sin. When you say you are on the side of love in a feminine voice, I am not sure what love you are speaking about. If you are on the side of God and His word and the true love and mercy that God has revealed to us through His Son, perhaps I would understand. I like what you are trying to do, I know we need to speak on these things. I don’t mean to sound so critical but the message you are giving is confusing and I have never seen you two before. God bless you on all your efforts.


Afterthought:  I also like how they mentioned the words New World Order. They definitely get points for that and all pastors should be talking about this all the time!                        

For my response to the Orlando Shooting including recent sermons on this topic, please see my post called,  How Christians Should React to Orlando.


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