How Christians Should React To Orlando

no rainbow flags

by Leah Haven

A Muslim shooter who was radicalized by ISIS and had been investigated by the FBI and was a registered Democrat who worked as a security officer had went to a gay bar and killed 49 people (and injuring about 50 people) while it took three hours for SWAT to enter the building. I usually wait for the alternative news to do their investigating but already there are some false flag indications. I’m not saying no one died. I think people died, but it looks planned with actors that were part of it. One of the witnesses is already known as an actor. One of the mothers of the victims had been talking often on CNN as if she were telling rehearsed comments mentioning that we should ban assault weapons. I believe people died and it really happened but I believe it was planned and the FBI instigated this . Democratic politicians have already started pushing hate crimes and gun legislation before the bodies even got cold.  Of course none of their laws would have helped. If there were ten conceal-carrying citizens in that bar, I don’t think there would have been as many deaths. Usually these murders happen in a gun-free zone. These laws are made to take away rights and freedoms and to remove that American right to protect ourselves. They will not protect you against ISIS.  Allowing Muslims from radical countries in our country is not helping the situation. I believe Trump’s plan for immigration will be far better than Hillary’s plan. Her plan would destroy America and flood the USA with unvetted immigrants during a time we are in heavy debt and can not afford to pursue her illegal deals with foreign countries. I blame Islam and liberal political correctness for these deaths. I still don’t know if Trump is real and if he really will do anything but I can understand why people are flocking to him. I don’t blame guns because if there had been some decent Americans with guns there for security, this situation would have never happened. How does a man who is a radical Muslim from a country that kills homosexuals, with a father who hates America, who visited Saudi Arabia, who was known by the FBI, get firearms?

Rainbow flags are up everywhere and a push to “stand with the LGBT community” is being pushed. I did go to church Sunday. I did not hear him say anything about the situation but I didn’t go to bible study earlier in the day so I am not sure he said anything then but he should have said something in the main service.  One of the things pastors should talk about and even email their congregation is a statement on how to react to this situation. Please know that the lukewarm churches will be putting up their rainbow flags looking for a way for the churches to be part of the current culture. This is wrong because this is the essence of worldliness.

Already there are posts about how they are blaming guns and Christians. People died, real people died. It is so sad. I feel really bad about the deaths. I feel bad when people die, especially if they were murdered. It is really a sad thing to know someone can selfishly take away a life or lives like that.  I feel sad about it each time I hear about a murder. I haven’t gotten numb to that as many times as I hear about it. Murder is awful. People are sometimes happy to know that their loved ones are with the Lord, and yes that could give us a little smile and comfort but we miss that person. As far as Christianity goes, let me say that the Bible is not going to change and God is not going to change according to the culture. God has told us what is right and wrong and there is nothing that could change that. Even though people accept homosexuaity as being normal and OK and equal to heterosexuality, homosexuality in all forms is wrong and God is against such things. We should not use this as a means to welcome homosexuality as normal and wonderful or to “stand” with the LGBT community. What they are doing is still living in sin. God did not create us to be homosexual or to be confused on our gender or to change our gender.  The people in the bar in Orlando were probably unsaved who don’t care about what God says in His word. They considered going out to a gay bar at night, with ungodly music as “fun”. When you become a Christian there is change in your life and you will repent of the way you lived before. You will not desire to hang out in bars where they serve alcohol and where perversion is promoted. No decent human being hangs out in bars late at night whether you are gay or straight. Most of those people who died are headed to hell and if there is a chance….there were a small amount who were new Christians or the backsliding Christians who messed up but still may enter His kingdom.  A false conversion of Christianity would not think there is anything wrong with homosexuality, hanging out in bars late at night while having pride in your sin. Even worse is encouraging others to join you or being part of the perversion.

The reaction of a Christian should be compassionate and loving and to pray for the families. You can not pray that that person will enter heaven because their fate was already set before they died on whether Jesus was really their Lord and Saviour.  You do not enter heaven because of the prayers of others or because you were a good and kind person. That is not the entrance requirement. The blood of Jesus and His grace and mercy because you believe on Jesus is how one enters His kingdom. The free gift of salvation is not by works.

Do not put any rainbow flags up or promote them. Let the world who doesn’t know Jesus and loves sin do this because they don’t know any better. For Christians, the rainbow is the sign of God’s promise not to flood the earth again. God did not want it to be used for sodomite pride. The rainbow flag used for homosexuality is disrespect to God and He is watching and will not forget your promotion of sin. Pray for people to know Jesus and tell people about Jesus and tell them the gospel. Be kind and gentle and hate violence and lies. You don’t have to argue about it or yell at people. Please just do not put up that flag on your home or as an avatar. That is not showing your love for people but disrespect for the Lord. Lead in prayer and give your condolences to the families but please do not promote sin in the process.  Better not to mention to the parents and family of these people that their loved ones were living in sin. I don’t think they can handle that right now. Pray for them that they be convicted on their own and to seek the Lord. Encourage people to read the bible because maybe it might be better that God’s word tell them and convict them. It convicted me 15 years ago…it will continue to convict people. God’s word is powerful.

People say we are haters and promote bigotry. Yes we hate sin and violence. That does not mean we hate people. We don’t want anyone harmed in any way. Christians do not rejoice in, promote or celebrate violence. We do not want to see anyone injured or killed.  Jesus wanted us to love even our enemies. Love does not mean to join in with sin or promote sin. Homosexuality will ALWAYS be wrong. Even as morals deteriorate and people fall away from God or the truth. That will never allow sin to be acceptable to God. The culture can never determine sin to be acceptable to God.  They are trying very hard to do this and many lukewarm Christians are saying there is now a change and that the church is changing and accepting homosexuality and feminism and ecumeniscism. They are promoting a false view of God and the Bible unfortunately. They will answer to God for this and are already under the wrath of God no matter how normal and wonderful they may make it sound or how popular their views get. Even if 99% of the world is deceived by propaganda to destroy fundamental Christianity and morality….there will always be a small remnant who will not be part of this deception but will continue to follow Jesus, His word and God over the culture of sin. Sadly, this small remnant will be hated and persecuted and called, “bigots” and “haters” and “radicals”. You will be yelled at, shunned, spit on if you promote the truth because the real hate and violence is from unbelievers who are being led by a false god that hates what is right and good. In the end, you will be rewarded for standing for truth. It is not love to embrace sin. Sinful worldly love is a false love and is really lust and carnality. As much yelling and name-calling as you will get for standing up for the truth, don’t let it deter you. You are God’s children, the light of the True Light of the world. They are following a false way. These are end times. Expect people to get really rude and ugly as they consider evil as good and good is evil. Satan has blinded them and is controlling them even though they think they are free. They are in bondage to sin and are not free. They are slaves to sin and blind to the truth.

I am also very concerned with the politicians making hate crime laws. I have never liked these Orwellian thought crimes and pre-crimes and I do not think there should be any “hate” laws because hate is subjective and the changeable godless culture determines what is hate at the moment. All hate is not wrong. We should hate murder and injustice and lies. We should be able to think freely without being punished for thought crimes. This is against the very thing our forefathers fought for in past wars. It is very wrong to make everyone believe in a wrong way for the sake of unity. What happened in Orlando had NOTHING to do with Christianity. Jesus does not tell us to kill sinners. Jesus died for them and there is no stoning of people anymore. No one is stoned because they had sinned. We are in the New Testament where Jesus has paid the penalty of sin for all of mankind. We are also gentile Christians living in a state of grace and not according to the law in Israel. Again, Christians do not want people to die or be injured because they are sinners. We are to have compassion and kindness for the lost and to pray for them and give them the gospel. The deaths of 50 people is very sad and we ought to pray for their families and the people still in the hospital that they are healed quickly. Also pray that the gay people involved repent of their sinful lives and put their faith and trust in Jesus who can change their lives and make them brothers and sisters and Christ. One of them could be convicted and help witness to the gay community. You never know.

Christians be careful what you say or do because there are unbelieving vultures waiting to look for reasons to send dogs to sue you and make you out to be “haters”. Pray for those people as well. Be kind to people and pray for people but be careful not to join in with sin. Be careful when you donate money or blood that the companies distributing it are not promoting homosexuality and sin.  We do all for the glory of God. We do not promote sin or join in with sin. Please be gentle as doves and wise as serpents.  Don’t give people an excuse to blame Christians.


P.S. – Saw the news on FOX for an hour this afternoon and there was no mention of what happened in Los Angeles where a suspect was caught with explosives, ammunition and guns as was going to kill people at the gay pride parade. I would like to know his intentions and his background and do know if there was any connection to the Orlando shooting in any way. Alternative media is better at investigative work. Mainstream media has become a propaganda mill for the elite and left so please don’t expect everything you see on TV to be true and accurate information.



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