Satanic Occult Ritual For Tunnel In Switzerland

Gotthard Ritual

I’ve seen a lot of videos on this this week. Basically I believe the same thing as everyone else and I appreciate that this is being shown on the alternative news avenue. One of the things that I didn’t see anyone mention yet is that is has sacred geometry which I have talked about before. It needs to be exposed. I want to know how much this cost and who is paying for it. I want to know what these people believe in. There is no way a Christian could be involved in any of this. This shocks us. This is not normal and I keep hearing the word “bizarre” and it really is. Why couldn’t they have a marching band and have a big potluck? Why didn’t they have traditional Swiss dance and costume. This is frightening.

satanic ritual

I believe the Christians are getting prepared for this type of movement but the pace that it is coming is very quick and although we see a very fast deterioration of morals and a move towards pantheism and wicca and old pagan religions….I am very sad for Europe. Most especially Norway, Denmark and Sweden. They believe they are progressing and doing good or working towards the common good but they are involving themselves in something very evil. Their idea for their utopian Socialistic world WILL FAIL. They will take the mark of the beast. They demonize and naturally hate what is good. They are very blind to know even what good is and if anyone from Europe is reading this, they are probably cursing me and are very angry.   gotthard_base_tunnel_opening-ceremony_all_seeing_eye

Much of Europe has a false type of Christianity such as Anglican and Orthodox Christianity. They really believe they are right with God but they are idolaters allowing all sorts of evil not only in their churches but in their lives. If you have a female or gay pastor… that is an obvious sign that your church is disobedient and false. If you are helping people destroy your country by coming there and not learning the language and getting them off of welfare after 1 year….you are not helping anyone. They need to help their own countries and migration should be temporary so they can rebuild their own countries and take what they have learned and use it to build their country back. So many do not understand that Islam does not mix with other cultures. They need to take their own church money and use it for ministries to aid other countries and go there to help if they really want to help. Muslim countries should take them in and Sweden could help by sending them food and doing some fair trade with other countries so that they could make businesses. It is really stupid to bring in foreigners who hate you and rape you and try to take over your country. What is worse is that most of the people are too brainwashed by media and politicians to see what is really going on. It is all irresponsible. It is financial and cultural suicide. Soon your country will be bankrupt and you will be the minority and this is happening all over the western countries. It is led by liberals, atheists, feminists and most especially Socialists. It is a globalist agenda to destroy the world.


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